Benchmarking good prices

This might be obvious for experienced guys, but I’m using CarGurus to benchmark reasonable prices, and it looks like these are all based on a buy price. So my questions are these:

  1. Will the “sell” price for a lease be roughly the same? Do the prices include incentives? Or is that just discount price?
  2. If Car Gurus lists a “great” deal at $28k and change, how can this dealer list at $23k and change? This is in Braintree MA, so I’m guessing Quirk @vhooloo Bait and switch?

I can guarantee that price is on a purchase, not a lease.

agreed, that’s a buy price and probably includes ALL available incentives (loyalty?)

insert zip 02184 and view the incentive soup (it’s confusing):

Not saying you can’t get a good deal on a lease, but not at 8000 off msrp (299 doc fee added to sell price in either case)

Ah nice. Thanks Tony, this is great to see the possible incentives. Looks like a competitive lease this month could wind up the same as last $4,500 off. Now I just need to figure out how to get an extra $1000 on discount.