Before I pull trigger on this '19 T5 XC60 INSC FWD Florida

So I think this one is it. '19 T5 XC60 INSC loaded with heated seats package + advanced tech. And some stupid $565 rubber mats “package”… grumble…

TERM: 39 MO/12k

MSRP: $52,605
SALE PRICE: $46,924
SALE PRICE W/ $2k INCEN: $44,924
MF: .00024
MF w/ 4 MSD ($2,200): .00004 - Basically 0 APR
RES: .51
TAX: 7%

FEES: $2,211.5 (slight discrepancy with some being taxed, I think. Also it’s not particularly clear which one of these is the actual car registration)

  1. $995 Volvo Acquisition

  2. $799 Dealer Fee

  3. $199 Electronic Filing Fee :roll_eyes:

  4. $68.5 FL State (lemon, tire, battery)

  5. $125 License Fee

I can’t quite get the calculator to work right because I’m not sure how much goes into gov fees section. If someone wants to tweak it:

I know it doesn’t meet the 1% rule with everything rolled in. Probably because residual is too low, might be because discount isn’t enough. Anyone with FL exp want to chime in with regards to wiggle room/fees/if I can push more? Or thoughts on if Volvo incentives will be better in March as it’s a few days away?

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