Beating CARVANA’s sell your car offers by $2,000

Hey everyone! Our company is trying something new & pretty awesome. Anyone getting Carvana quotes to buy their car, bring it to use & we will beat it up to $2,000 & also pick it up for FREE!

Let me know what you guys have & what Carvana’s offer is, I’ll get you paid!

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What about vroom? is this region specific?

This is not region specific, I’m pretty sure we are doing Vroom offers as well. If you can send me your VIN, Miles & a screen shot of your offer I can take a look at it for you! @seattlerocks

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Do you pay off my lease if I sell my leased car?

Holy smokes. The used car market is getting interesting!!!


I got an offer of $599 for my 2000 Volvo s60 with 302k miles on it.

Does that mean you will give me 2.5k :tongue:

Here’s a video of me doing maintenance on it


Echoing what @kyranlease mentioned. How are you handling leases, or is this just for owned cars?

Interesting… If this is valid on leases too… What region would you pick up from?

Why would anyone buyout your lease. The only way there’s any sort of arbitrage or positive equity is if the lease was a horrible fleece job.

Pm’d you … TIA

Not necessarily. You are misinformed


Vroom has been consistently lower than Carvana lately, so it would make even more sense for them to buy based on Vroom offers.

Not in my area on Long Island NY. I got recently much better offers from Vroom.


i sold me 2018 e-class wagon and got quotes from kbb, autonation, vroom, shift, and carvana. interesting vroom was highest by about $2500, next was autonation and then carvana. shift didn’t even want it, and kbb was lowest (by about $7500 below vroom).

what was interesting is that the autonation dealership i got the car from 7 months ago offered me $3k more than i bought it from them for.


Was this during the last month or so? This is when Carvana raised their offers
@Zenek - I guess case by case then.

That’s interesting, I put a request in through Auto Nation for the heck of it and I have not received any offers yet. I did get an email from an AutoNation affiliated JLR dealer saying thank you for using the KBB instant offer service, which told me to “come on down”, and they “really need my car”. But there was no offer.

Yes, last 2-3 weeks

PM sent - interested in selling a vehicle that I own, not a lease.

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This is actually the exact opposite of how that works


Well I did receive an offer eventually, but it was about $3,000 less than Carvana’s.