Be respectful and respond if still interested or not

if you requested information from someone about a vehicle, especially via DM, please so some courtesy and respond back if you are interested or not anymore.

Sorry stupid rant


And you’ve got one private lease transfer thread for one specific vehicle. Just imagine how the @brokers feel every day.

‘Be courteous and respectful’ is likely too big of an ask for the genpop.


hi guys what am i missing here?

Yes! The worst is when people ask for quotes or to search for a car and never answer. It takes time to look through inventory when you have very specific wants and needs/it’s not something posted in a spreadsheet. To then go get a quote and not hear back, you’re wasting the dealer’s time too.


The youngsters call that getting ghosted. Happens to me about 20% of the time. But I’d prefer that over endless questions then saying “ok let’s lock it in” then never responding after 50 texts!


Guilty as charged. Then again, we do have a social media platform 100% based on a ghost, SnapChat.



I love making friends here.

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Friends that pay you for your services…what’s that called again?




That was good.

I text LH members more throughout the day than anyone else ( for non business stuff)


Illegal in all states except good o’l Nevada, :game_die: :game_die: .

I concur! That’s the worst! Ugh!

This has turned out to be a run rant :joy::joy::joy:

Lol yes one car vs a broker is no comparison

Good thing I only inquire about poop colored vehicles.

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I have some if you’re interested. Still want a 330i? We have vermont bronze! Want a Terra X3 or X5? Also have some weird 530i colors. :slight_smile:

Yes! Do you have any of them covid deals? By that I mean a car that’s got the virus all over it. Like a car flood damaged by covid, it’s everywhere. If you pull up the carpeting you’ll see a covid line on the frame. Let me know how much you’ll pay me to lease it.


$7 million enough? In all seriousness, we do have several Vermont bronze 2019s and a few terras, as well as olive green. :wink: