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Good to know. Thanks.

What about the numbers on the remaining criteria? I see many posts on the LT. What are the best one pay prices for a loaded 2018 or 2019 36/mo 10k or 12k/yr.


if your in the bay area email me and i’ll send you pricing and i’ll send you over something.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose C.A.


Forgive my ignorance, for I am new here, but why is this pricing discussion relegated to personal email queries? Isn’t discussion of pricing the reason for this forum?


This is the marketplace section to find a trusted sales person to work with. You can see deals posted in the “share deals” section.

I used to post my deals here and I started out be trusting but then some people wouldn’t contact me directly to get the deal and literally would just bring a print out to my showroom to get my price and buy from anyone that helped them. I only get paid to sell cars or If I have a customer saved in our computer system, so before I send pricing I require basic contact info to add you to my work computer system. that lets me protect myself in case you decide to purchase from my dealership.

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


@ChevyPhil My 2016 Volt lease with Fremont dealer is ending soon, will your dealer take my vehicle in if I lease a new Volt from you?


yea, Fremont is sold out and you can drop you lease off with us when you pick up you new one. Or you can get the new one and schedule an appointment with us to drop of your other one when you’re ready. send me a email to set an appointment

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


Hi there, I’m in the Bay Area and curious what is available too. Can you send me a write up too, please? Debating between a Model 3 or save some money…


sure, send me a email with what your looking for

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


Any month end deals on the Volt ?


Hey Phil, any month end deals on Volt LT - 15k/year


GM extended the Volt Deal to 10/1

sold out

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


Phil, I just left a message.


I tried to text back and it was a land line, hard to have a phone convo with back to back customers today, please email or text me for info and i’ll get to it asap

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


What is the best time to reach you?


Hi Phil. I am interested in Volt 15k/year. Any new promo? Please let me know. TIA.


Hello Phil, I am interested in 10k/year BoltEV. I can do one pay if that gets a better deal. What deal can you offer ?


Hello Phil, I am intrested in 2019 Volt LT, with 7.2 Kw charger , can you please give some info on when the 2019 models will be available & what the lease deals are on 2019 Volt’s


Ditto !
BAM - two birds with one shot !


Costco deals - are there any good Volt LT deals with new Costco special? How much can i expect to pay for 3/15k lease…lease and one pay?


Programs didn’t change for the 2018s so you should still be able to get a good deal depending on the incentives you qualify for and region. Add 500 worth of rebates from the Costco deal to whatever other rebates you qualify for, along with your negotiated selling price.