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Thank you, I’ll add up the numbers. How would going for a 30 month lease change the formula? And CVRP and PG&E still apply for one pay, right?


chevy only does 36 mo with these incentives, and yes both rebates have nothing to do with how you pay for it.



Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


What a crazy month, made it to 20+ and worked deals up until the last minute of the month. worked 7 days in a row including the day after my birthday party saturday night. I’m taking a day to rest and ill post numbers for August tomorrow. everyone have a great day. Thank you to those who got cars from me and for all fo you spreading the word!

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


email me for pricing

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose C.A.


I work Wed-Sun 12pm-9pm. Booking appointments now.
Wednesday and thursday anytime is fine. Weekends I have a structure.

Fri 12pm available
Fri 3pm available
Fri 6pm available

Sat 12pm available
Sat 3pm available
Sat 6pm available

Sun 12pm available
Sun 3pm available
Sun 6pm available

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose C.A.



$2,000 total down including drive off fee’s
$499/mo plus tax ($546 including tax)

36 Mo 10k miles. (add $14/mo for 12k)

MSRP/Retail $49,820.00
Dealer Discount $2,780.00
Sale Price $47,040.00
Acq. Fee $650.00
Rebate $4,500.00
Adjusted Cap Cost $42,902.64
Residual Value $30,390.00
Total Due at Signing $2,000.00
Total Payment $546.25
DocProcessing/EVR/Tire Fee $117.75
License/Registration Fee $595.76
Mileage Plan: 10,000 Per Year


Equinox LS

**$2k total down including drive off **

$199/mo plus tax. w/current lease.

Email me for full details.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose C.A.


Extra CCR available for supplier discount now!
Not on electrics or traverse or corvette.
email me for details.


@ChevyPhil - do you have the updated august numbers for the volt?


I’m still sold out for now. but it only changed slight. the MF went up a little bit from chevy. But the prices we see are way under dealer cost, with only a handfull left around the bay dealers can charge what ever they want. I have a few more 2018’s coming in and then we’re done for the year. Email me to get on my waiting list. If you find a good deal on one take it.

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet in San Jose C.A.


just emailed you. thanks!


For those of you that don’t know me or how I do business, here is what a few other LH members had to say.

I contacted @ChevyPhil on Saturday and Sunday I signed the lease.
All details worked out over text/email, when I came to the dealership there were no surprises
and everyone were very professional.

@ChevyPhil is real, no bullshit, answers promptly with the important details numbers.
Not your regular “come over and we’ll talk” or “all you should care is the monthly payment”
like some of the other dealers I contacted.

I bugged @ChevyPhil to let me know when the bonus tag vehicles would hit and (safely)
raced down to San Jose to take advantage of the deal as soon as the manager at the dealer
tagged the cars. Highly recommend dealing with him, straight up and friendly guy…"

@ anonymous
Just got off the phone with @ChevyPhil
Very nice and ethical salesman. Told me where to get the best deal and didn’t try to convince me to come to his dealership.
I would recommend giving him a call if you have questions
a neighboring dealer has the best deal. I’ll be picking up the volt tomorrow

Talked to Phil, he gave me some really good insights on purchasing a 2017 Volt and got me a killer
price on one of the cars in his inventory, 2017 Volt LT in Heather Gray Metallic w/ Comfort Package + leather
seats. Amazing guy who actually knows his cars - didn’t try to upsell me on anything, just explained what was
available. Went in around 8:30pm, walked out the door around 11pm with my Volt! Would highly recommend for
anyone who’s planning to lease or buy a car near the Bay Area. Thanks man :slight_smile:

@tdt17Aug 3
I got this exact deal with Phil 3 weeks ago. fast process and no haggling and they even included the car pool lane stickers. Very happy with the service with Phil and the overall experience with Capitol Chevy.:ok_hand::thumbsup:

A big thanks to Phil! My bolt lease deal was just as he posted in this forum. No surprises and easy transaction. :+1:t5:

Just drove back home with a Bolt LT from Phil. He was super easy to work with, and as everyone else on this forum has mentioned, the deal was exactly what we had discussed over email. Highly recommended

Leased a 2017 Bolt EV from @ChevyPhil this weekend. Phil and his manager Armando Arteaga are very easy to work with and quick to respond to your questions. The deal was same as posted on the LH form, no surprises or hidden fees. They did not try to up-sell anything. I’d recommend contacting them if you are in the market for anything Chevy .

Sent one of my employees your way I guess you sold them a Bolt over the weekend and they were very happy with the deal!

one of those went to the guy I sent your way? (Jignesh) (Yes it idid!)

@ChevyPhil leased my wife a 2018 Chevy Volt LT. It wasn’t as sweet of a deal as what people were seeing in March, but he made every effort to use every rebate possible. I won’t publish the deal here since what applies to us won’t necessarily apply to you. However, I will say it was very easy to deal with Phil. It was no nonsense. I told him what deals I had seen and what I had already been offered. Phil came back with the best deal he could give us. We took it. When we sat down with the finance manager, the deal presented by Phil was exactly what was on contract. No up-selling, no nonsense, and no time wasted.

Thanks @ChevyPhil.

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


If you’re the type of person who just wants a good deal but doesn’t have time to contact every dealership and spend weeks shopping, just make a appointment to come see me. I am someone who you can trust to always give you the lowest price that is available everyday to everyone.

other dealers work on commission they overcharge 8/10 people and undercharge the other 2/10. it makes it difficult to know which one you are.
I make it fast and easy. Like a car broker you don’t have to pay.

Email me for appointments.


Hi @ChevyPhil Phil, Could you share the latest deal on Bolt Premier Lease?


Hi @ChevyPhil,

Any news on Bolt Premier leases coming up for Labor Day weekend? Thanks!


can you please send me the latest numbers on Volt and Equinox.


please email me for current pricing

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.


Any Colorado zr2 or zf1 24/12k deals?


i’ve been sold out of 2018’s for a month or two. the few were are getting in are selling within hours. Email me to be on the waiting list if you’re 100% sure you want one and ready to act fast.
or we can reserve it based on the few I have incoming.

Phil Gileno
San Jose C.A.