Bay Area 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV Base $1000DAS + $315/mo 36mo 12k



2/3/2019 updated with after sale rebate

Now the Honda Dealers are getting 2019 Honda Clarity so they are letting go 2018 models for a good price. Thanks for @4sallypat for the previous post. I bought a one way ticket to LA trying to get a deal over there originally. But I got this deal from a dealer only 3 miles away from home. So there is no need to travel to LA for a car anymore, since I got a deal very similar to @4sallypat.

2018, Honda, Clarity, Base, Sliver:
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $34510
**Selling Price: $24100
**Monthly Payment: $315.18
**Cash Due at Signing: $1000
**Post-Sale Rebate: $2300 (CVRP $1500 + PG&E $800 Rebate)

**Annual Mileage:12k

**Leasehackr Score:12.5


Thanks for letting us know the 2019 have arrived causing the 2018 to be sold for a bargain!

Excellent Nor Cal deal that surpasses So Cal deals!

Congrats and enjoy!


Thank you. I wasted $99 dollars on one way tickets to LA though. But I saved a lot of hassle.:grin:


the incentives u mentioned are not included in ur DAS and monthly right ?


No. They are additional cash I will get through application afterwards.


Just got a quote on base in San Diego with zero down and zero drive offs for $350. Or $270 after taxes plus $2999 drive offs. The touring is 50 bucks more.
That does not include the State rebate (I just submitted my paperwork for the $1750 and stickers).


So in your area you can get $1750? I thought the state CVRP is 1500 across CA.


Sorry I meant 1500. Thanks for the corrections. I was doing the math last night and added the local Gas and Electric company $250 credit/rebate (which is discontinued until further notice but teachers and first responders get an additional $1000).


SD sure gets the short stick when it comes to electric rates or rebates. How is it possible to get only $250 while LA gets $1k? Is that per year or one time?


Besides the state rebates we get local electric company rebates as well. But the $1k is currently secured for teachers and law enforcement/ firefighters until further notice.


Not really, I am actually jealous of SD where they can get the $1500 CVRP rebate posted against the lease contract as a taxed credit which further reduces the cap cost.

SD is lucky to have the state issue $1500 vouchers to dealers by having a pre qualification application done by the customer. I would rather have received the $1500 rebate at the time of lease signing instead of waiting for over 3 months post sale as I am in LA.


…and lose $750 in utility credit? No, that doesn’t make up for having CVRP up fromt.


Utility rebates are separate from state CVRP. My utility rebate is $1000 from SCE.

The issue I have is that only SD customers can apply the $1500 State CVRP on their lease and not have to wait 90 days like us in LA.

San Diego residents able to use $1500 CVRP rebate at the time of purchase!


It’s a pilot that will be state wide soon. Personally, i hate it! If the dealer can see the $ you are getting then they may cut their discounts. My short stock remark was for utility rates and rebates…as you can see above.



Can you message me the dealer name? Thanks!



First time I heard about the $1K for L.A. Could you please provide more details? I am in LADWP territory, and know only about the charger.




You have to be under Edison.
You have others:;jsessionid=VVbZcXzBTxpL5nbLBVsmkBK1JJLpvyfn5FS2FGL2pNJp6Z8HZ1s6!94668675?_afrLoop=606376987454971&_afrWindowMode=0&_afrWindowId=null#%40%3F_afrWindowId%3Dnull%26_afrLoop%3D606376987454971%26_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_adf.ctrl-state%3Dcbtpa6b9s_4



Understood. I am in LADWP, and claimed the Charger rebate when I got the 2016 Ford Focus Electric lease. I just got the Clarity Electric, and did not want to miss out on any rebates. :slight_smile: Filed for the state rebate about a week ago.




It sucks that we have so much variation across CA when it comes to ev credits…but then again some communities try harder than others. Some local utilities like Anaheim only have the charger rebate.


@frankipod or anyone else know of Honda dealers in NorCal? thanks!