Base MSRP on BMW X5 to increase by $1200

Starting with February 2022 production, base MSRP of BMW X5 sDrive 40i and xDrive 40i will increase by $1200. BMW is also increasing the mileage limit for loaners and is discussing more loaner program restricitions for 2022 as well.

15K mileage limit for loaners is already active.

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100%, however they are discussing a lower dealer subsidy + model restrictions. Fly on the wall, hopefully that doesn’t become a reality.

I caught talk of subsidy/markdown ratios being slanted much heavier toward maxing out time and mileage.

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Wow… really easy to go past the warranty on a 36/15k lease for example.

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All the better to sell you ultimatecare+

That’s just maintenance right? Doesn’t extend the warranty

Right just Mx.

3750 residual hit with that…ouch.

I have it on good authority the markdown will be worth it with an honest dealer.


Anybody know if they will bump all models and whether it would apply if I already have an order placed? I have a small discount offered on an x45e and am wondering if this is a risk or what.

Not something that’s been mentioned by BMW on the 45e model. However final pricing would be dependent on when the car goes into production.

Gotcha, thanks… would be a bit annoying to get a price hike after ordering because dealers want $1-2.5k non-refundable deposit.

Ah… We’re in CA where all deposits are refundable. Hopefully they would work around it with you if that was the case, we’ve done that plenty of times in the past. Good luck!