Base Model Volt in NorCal

Hi, I am looking for a 1 pay lease for a chevy volt in nor cal. I have contacted some dealers and have received a quote for $8000 one pay for 12k miles per year on a base model volt. Is this probably the best I can do? Is there anyway to verify that this deal is real before going into the dealership? The dealer is saying that the selling price they’re putting in is 22,114.55 (I guess the price after rebates) and the RV for 12k miles/year is 49% I think. Does that sound about right?

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@ChevyPhil is Norcal connect

Unfortunately he doesn’t have any base lts available.

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yea, take that deal while you can if it’s real. they are sold out most places

I did base volt one pay lease for 8k today. this is for color red and for 10k, nothing else is included. I feel I could have done little better. Other dealer advertised 199 + tax and zero down for the base model, which I saw later. How does this compared to one pay of 8k.

Congrats! I feel like that 199 + tax might be fake advertising since it might not include other fees. Where did u get the 8k one pay?

I am also in the market. Can you let me know the Msrp of your volt? Thx

I bought from Fremont chevy, price is base + 400 for color red.

Do you know if there is gap insurance included when you do one-pay? In other words, if the car is a total loss in an accident, do you lose the entire amount you paid upfront? I recall this was a topic of debate and not sure it was answered.

Adding @ChevyPhil since he is knowledgeable and does one-pay leases…

FYI, my local dealer in Southern California says they could do the following

2018 Volt LT with leather (MSRP - probably around $36,600)
One pay - $9200 (including everything, of course)
36 months
15k per year (10k per year would be around $8000 I guess)

And from my calculation, a base LT would be around $7500 with 10k miles per year but didn’t confirm.

was this with the Asian $2500 credit or without it?

Does these one pay prices include the state rebate or it is only the federal rebate and that’s the out of the door one pay lease price? thanks!

not sure if there is a federal rebate. the one pay price does NOT include any state rebate for sure.

Thanks. There is a federal rebate but it goes directly to the dealer/leasing company. My current EV lease is coming up so I am looking at the bolt as a possible choice for a new lease. Which SoCal dealer did you get yours? I might fly down to pick one up if I can get a good deal.

PM me what you are looking for and i will let my dealership know. She is very honest.

HI, I would love to know where you are getting this deal, if you don’t mind sharing. I’m looking in socal - but the best so far I’ve gotten on MSRP $36420.00 is 348/month (incl tax) 0 down. Seems quite a difference from your numbers.

will pm her info thanks