Bad timing for Volvo XC90, shall I wait

I am looking for XC90, need the cargo space with the rear seats down for my camping trips. I do not have A-plan. Reading the deals in 2017 with Conquest rebate, I am salivating but I know, you deal what it is right now: $2000 cash to dealer, extra $500 rebate for Labor day.

I would like a price below $500. I am looking on several loaners, taking off the mileage penalty from RV.

Below is one offer which is 15% off as is but still $600/month, I would like to push it $3300 off then it would be 20% off and $504 (still a lot of money $19k for 3 years)

Please comment how good would be deals

  • as-is
  • with additional discount
    or, shall I wait for another time when rebates will be better.

T5 AWD Momentum (7 Passenger)

Convenience Package $1,950
* Heated Washer Nozzles
  • 360º Surround View Camera
  • Grocery bag holder
  • HomeLink
  • 12V Power Outlet, Cargo Area
  • Compass in inner rear view mirror
  • Park Assist Pilot & Front Park Assist (Rear std)|
    |Heated Front Seats & Heated Steering Whe|$750|
    |Leather Upholstery|$1,400|
    |Metallic Paint|$595|
    |Protection Package*|$350|
    |Wheel Locks*|$90|
    |12.3" Driver Display|$200|
    |19" 10-Spoke Turbine Alloy Wheel|$800|
    |Destination Charge|$995|
    |Total Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)|$56,230|


The calculation uses the current number for AWD per Edmunds:

AWD - .00113 and 56%