Bad deal? 2020 Mazda cx-9 Touring Base MSRP: $38,920, DAS: $2,000, $402/month


This will be my first lease and I feel like (based on what I’ve read on here and the trim that others got on their lease) this is a weak deal:

Year, Make, Model and Trim: 2020 Mazda CX-9 Touring base
Market Value: $38,920
Discounts and Savings: -$2,485
Vehicle Selling Price: $36,435
Documentation Prep Fee: $389
License/Title Fee: $174
Acquisition Fee: $650
Tax on Collected Items: $132
Total Cap: $37,780
Down/Cash Cap Reduction: -$1,597
Net Cap: $36,183

Money Factor: .00008
Residual: $23,352

Any thoughts/suggestions

$40/mo? I’ll take 2, even after hearing all of @mllcb42’s complaints about the CX9.

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Ha! I meant $402. Thanks for catching that.

Totally ignoring that I don’t think a cx9 is worth even half that, that’s a high price for a cx9 touring.

that’s actually not Bad, it’s Horrible!

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I think it’s a good deal comparing to what I got offered today, Palisade 34 000 maroon, 36 month 10k a year $ 530 A month with 1000 down

A bad palisade deal doesn’t make a bad cx9 deal better.

So what do you do when dealer gives you this price and says that this is the lowest he can do ?

Go to a different dealer.

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Contact multiple dealers remotely.