🥓.Bacon's FLORIDA Audi deals

-I am excited to start working with a great Audi store in the south! It is a new relationship that hopefully will be a great one with all parties involved!!

-All Audi deals are $499 consulting fee

Audi is in a tight inventory crisis right now due to selling out in the Costco Months. Please be aware of this when reaching out.


Glad to see the south getting some Audi deals.


What is vehicle 3? A 2020 Audi 45? Do you mean Q5??

Skipped that part in school where I learned where to write! Thanks!!

Q5 45

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A4, pricing?


shoot me a PM please!


Interested in the SQ5.

Hi I’m interested in the etron or Q7

@Trudappa shot me a PM or email at stephen@baconscarconcierge.com. Thanks!

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SQ5 is sold!!! Amazing clients!!!

Looking for an A5 P+ in Melbourne, FL

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@weatherboy shoot me a message of what you are looking for!


Do you have any deals on a Audi Etron Sporttback. I am in GA, but if I have to go to Florida, I can

@bebay there is a posted deal at the OP for an etron… check it out and let me know!


Any q7s available?

is this still available?

deals on Audi A6 Allroad?

I do not… sorry

Any etrons available?

@Ryan_Baker , you can email me at stephen@baconscarconcierge.com

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