Awesome deal on BMW 5 series?

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sounds like a great deal

Super deal of the year.

What state & dealer. Would love to replicate that deal!

The MF is inflated, and that’s still an awesome deal. They won’t give you .00065 for 7 MSDs?

Amazing deal! I’d go for the 36 month because it’s going to be hard to beat that price on another one in the future.

It is .00065 after the MSDs. The numbers add up in the calculator.


i agree with @jmac63, lock yourself into a 36 mo. your payment might actually go down a few bucks too. I assume this is a 2016 model which is the last model year that comes with the full maintenance which includes brakes etc. Going forward maintenance is not going to include a lot of things, might as well keep an extra year IMO.

Was this a demo vehicle?

Wow… a $66k car for $330/month is super amazing…

Will try to replicate

Thats a solid deal. Do you mind sharing the spec of the car at that MSRP?

Go for it.

Because the dealership messed up.

First on a CASH deal… No bmw fs financing the incentive for USAA is $2000.

On a lease it’s $500.

Secondly you cannot combine a corporate fleet purchase and a USAA purchase.

It’s one or the other.


The corporate allowance cannot be used on any demo/ retired service loaner.

You will receive $1500 a BMW incentive off of a 5-series and a rate reduction. Thats its.

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Guessing he got hit by reality…

What do you mean by that?

The post above was pointing out that a lot of those rebates you had mentioned can’t be combined…and then you removed your original post. So I meant that the deal probably didn’t go through for those reasons.

Once I found out that they can’t be combined I removed it, my bad I honestly didn’t know.

It’s all good, not the first time that’s happened.

This is why you should post the actual deal you are getting from a dealer and not what you think you can get. But it happens, so good luck in your search.