AWD car lease for <$250

I am planning to lease a car. I am not in rush so I am waiting for some good rebates. I want an AWD car which is not a SUV/Truck with some horsepower but not too much, not in a base version. I dont mind getting a pre-owned or a demo car, it could be either new or 2015 and younger. I just want to get the best deal possible. My lease requirements are:

  • maximum $250mo payments
  • 24-32 months lease
  • 15k miles

Did anyone see a deal like that for these car?
Acura TLX, Mercedes C300, Mercedes CLA250, Infiniti Q50, BMW 320i, Hyundai Genesis, Audi A3, Dodge Charger.
I am also considering these as they should be under my price range:
Subaru WRX, Buick Regal, Chrysler 200s

Thank you

Really? Don’t hold your breath for this one.

Unless you are planing on putting down a sizable cap cost reduction you are being pretty optimistic.

If you are working backwards from the 1% MSRP, you are basically looking at a car that is $25k MSRP … for the cars that lease well (BMW, MB, Infiniti but all bad-ish this time of year), you may be able to get up to $30-32k MSRP. All the cars you mentioned will be more than your MSRP budget

Your best chance may be to find an @loberant deal for the BMW 320i on a 12m/15k loaner/demo

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None of those cars you listed will be under 250 especially with your requirements being short term leases with high miles allocation

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A well equipped Subaru Impreza is your best bet.

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Are you sure Im not going to find any of those cars in this price range?
Lets take 2017 Buick Regal Premium II for example a one for $38000. Buick seems to have some nice incentives now. Im not sure if I can use them all together but as of Edmunds there is $3900 lease cash bonus ($2400+$1000+$500) and we have a leased Ram in our household so theres additional $1500 cash bonus so It would save $5400. And I hope I could negotiate the sales price to $34200. So it would get it down to $28800. I dont know the numbers so its hard to calculate the payments but I think it would be possible to get it to $250 mo payments.
I just leased a $50k Ram for $320 39/12k so I think its possible to do $250mo for $32-38k even with my requirements.
Chrysler should do it even lower. Or one of the luxury cars with MSDs. What do you think?

Sadly im located in NY so @loberant deals wont work for me.

For what it’s worth… I have a 2015 regal GS lease at 39mos and 15K miles per year. I had supplier pricing and some additional incentives and I’m at $393 a month. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I wouldn’t be so sure you’ll be able to get $250 a month. Additionally - WRXs lease horribly. You’d probably be looking more at the $375-400 range depending on which trim you want. Good luck with your search, and keep us posted to what kind of deals you’re able to find.

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No offence but I would not get if for that price, I found someones thread that he got 2015 Regal GS for $270 and they did not have many incentives back then. So I still think its possible to get it for $250.

Yeah youre right. WRX doesnt look good in lease :frowning: but a pre owned one should do a pretty good deal.


No offense taken, just wanted to give you a point of reference. Like I said, I’d be happy to see whatever deals you’re able to come up with as I’m up for a new car within the next few months.

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I just want to add that when I leased the Ram, the dealer told me that he could give me lower payments for Charger than Ram so without any negotiations it would be lower than $320. They lowered the payments for Ram from $490 as their final offer to $320 after lots of talking, they paid 3 months of the early lease termination as a total of $1440 and gave me the lowest tier 1 money factor with a credit score on a level of tier 2/tier 3 mf. So everything is possible. Thats why I am looking for deals and your opinions.

Subaru doesn’t lease pre-owned. And to buy one you’ll have to pay - their resale value is extremely high.

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Maybe even Crosstrek.

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“Anything” is possible but often it’s that one point in time and just one or a handful of dealers.

Most of the cars you listed will be above $250 IMO, (even more so if that includes NY’s high 8, almost 9, percent tax).

Some of the ones that just might be feasible (CLA, Chrysler 200) are considered the worst in their segments and have even made “most regretted purchase” lists.

Dodge Charger maybe in base trim?

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The other solution would be to expand your search to FWD cars and get a second set of wheels with snow tires mounted on them. You’ll save on the lease, save on gas, possibly on insurance, and can resell the snows for 50% after a couple winters.

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Okay so im discarding the Subaru, thank for the info.
Dodge Charger has some pretty good good incentives on 2016 R/T. Its 500+500+1000+2500=$4500, if Id lease it through different lender than Chrysler I would probably be eligible for an additional $5000 so it adds up to $9500 in incentives. The dealer has a MSRP of $40465 which is discounted to a sale price $30566 with $4000 incentives included so it gives $5899 discount without the incentives.
Counting it up gives me $40465-5899=$34566 minus $9500 in incentives, I could end up with a price of $25066. With this number I could easily get down to $250 or less.
Correct me if Im thinking wrong.

If I wont find an AWD for the price I am probably going to end with Mazda 6 or Chevy Malibu.

It seems like you know a lot about leases and also a good negotiator with your RAM lease.

From what I understand, leases work off the MSRP and “Sale Price” (as you call it). The very, very rough rule is that your monthly (including tax) should be < 1% MSRP with $0 down, 36/10k, Tier 1 credit. MSRP, residual % and Sale Price all drive the depreciation cost which is the largest part of the 3-part monthly lease payment.

A high MSRP helps as it keeps your residual high and a high discount helps as it squeezes the other part of the depreciation. I am not sure what you are saying when you say end up with a price of $25066. With this number I could easily get down to $250 or less as that is only part of the equation. You need to take that Sale Price number and subtract the residual and then get your depreciation cost divided by 36 months.


It’s doubtful that you could combine all those incentives adding put to $9500. More than likely, you’d get either $4500 or $5000, depending on which lender you go with, but not both.

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The sale price is the $40465 (MSRP) - $4000 (in incentives) - $5899 (which is their discount). So if the dealer is offering $5899 discount with $4000 he would be also do do it with more incentives.

  • $5899(discount)
  • $4000(incentives offered by dealer)
  • $4000(incentives that I qualify for)
    = $25066
    This is the final price which I would get if the dealer would be fair and would accept all eligible incentives.
    .00015 MF and 59% residual These are the numbers I found on forum for 36/12 but I guess that the MF would be the same as with Ram which was .00120 and the MF should be around 56-57%, lets get the 56 just in case.
    It gives me a monthly payments $140 :smiley: but lets be honest, the dealer wont give a price like that. But even if Id be able to get $6000 I am still at $240. $80 documentation fee and $495 acquisition fee included in payments. Tax paid upfront.

As you can see its very likely to get this deal under $250

@chrisgo, thank you