Avoid being ripped off when returning my lease

My mercedes lease gonna end soon,
Unfortunately pre-inspection has stopped since March. So I couldn’t get a number before I return my car.
Currently it has some regular scratch and wear on the car front and rear bumper.
I start to read some reviews when people return their lease.
It sounds horrible for some cases, that 4 tires need to be replaced, or small damage result in thousand of dollar to repair.
And o me you turn it to the dealer, the price is non-negotiable at all.

Just want to get some tips from here before return my lease

Read your lease end documentation. It’s on Mercedes site somewhere if you don’t have a physical copy. Everything that is considered excessive will be documented there. You should be able to determine if any damage you have is considered excessive per the documentation. The only thing you won’t know is the cost Mercedes will charge you if you don’t fix before return. You will then have to decide if you want to repair before return at a body shop or roll the dice and see what Mercedes ultimately charges you when they receive the car.

Tires should have at least 4/32nds of tread at the lowest spot. Check everywhere on the tire. You can buy a gauge at a parts store if you don’t have one for a couple bucks. If you have less than 4/32nds of tread, they will need replaced. They don’t have to be the same tire currently on the car, but the specs need to match (speed rating and size, and RFT if applicable). Look on Craigslist or one of the used tire websites for replacements should you need them for lower cost. Then have them mounted at a garage.

If you have curb rash, there are rim shops out there that can repair. Some will even come to you. It will cost a fraction of what a replacement rim would cost.

If you don’t have any damage considered excessive, take a picture of every panel on the car, along with tires and rims when grounding it to have some sort of proof.

There should be no surprises if you read and follow the instructions laid out regarding excessive wear and tear.

If there is any possibility of quibble over the lease end charges, you are better off waiting until the inspections resume by asking for an extension. You are quite right that once you turn in, you are at the mercy of MB and it’s estimate. With a pre turn-in inspection, you at least have a chance to address the issues in a more economical way (eg by replacing with second hand tires instead of brand new ones)

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