Average 21.2 mpg, is there any problem with my Equinox?

I drive in local most of time. Have enabled ECO mode since the first day. Almost no AC, radio usage. But the avg miles per gallon has dropped to 21.2 now. Is this normal?

I think this belongs in “off the ramp.” However, check fuelly for other Equinoxes

Seems about right for the 4 cylinder. My V6 only gets around 17 and that’s if I’m gentle with the accelerator. They just don’t get good mileage plain and simple. There is nothing wrong with your car at all. A friend has a CX-5 and she averages around 24

Can you share your equinox lease deal with us please?

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That sounds about right. They’re not the most efficient CUV out there.

Had a 2015 AWD LT (just returned it in March) and I just leased a 2017 AWD LT 2 weeks ago. Same average mileage.

Dont really care that it gets a few miles less than the CRV/RAV, etc. Only paying $180 a month on a sign and drive deal.