Available 2021 Hyundai Kona Limited; 36/10, $250/m, $250 + DMV Due at signing, NJ RESIDENTS ONLY

Just signed and picked up this evening for my family member. Not crazy discount but I like it :slight_smile:
2021 Hyundai Sonata SEL Plus
MSRP: $32,284
Selling Price:$28,404.26
Monthly Payment: $316
Drive-Off Amount: $316
Annual Mileage:12k
Incentives:$1500 lease cash
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


$274 + TTL on a well-equipped car, congrats!

12% is actually a very nice discount!

Sales Manager just told me that He can replicate the deal. Anyone interested?

my dealer called me and asked if I know anyone from NJ who wants 2021 Kona EV Limited. he has black and white exterior. 36/10 . $200/m, $200 + DMV due at signing.
Just to make sure. I am not making any money here. just helping :slight_smile:

PM me for the details


PM the OP directly.

That one time I’m thinking it’s not bad for NJ residents. But then I remember taxes overall and no cheap gas anymore and my CT state doesn’t look so bad anymore:)

Kona EV Limited -There’s potentially $15,500 in savings that can be rolled into the lease plus whatever the dealer will contribute. Fed tax credit of $7,500, NJ Phase 2 EV rebate of $5,000, plus $3,000 from Hyundai. Plus no sales tax on EV’s in NJ. Lots of supply right now. Might be the “Bolt-like” deal of the summer.


Ill take that deal. Can you pm me the dealer info?

I just PMed You contact info to the dealer. Good Luck

update 7.23.21
SORRY for that. first come first serve.
They took away Flex cash.: Kona EV LIMITED 36/10 $250/m with $250 + DMV due a signing

That is called leasehackr effect. Too many people chasing too few units.

Depending on how many people you shared the dealer info with, the dealer got too many inquiries on units not many customers were bothered about till yesterday.

So they decided to bump the price by 1800 odd for the term of the deal as there is no way there was 1800 flex cash in that deal to begin with.

If you stop sending more leads his way he might come back close to 200/mth again by end of the month if he has not sold many units depending on how many he has.

For every potential LH member who is not ready to sign right away and is just inquiring, a potential hacker who would want to take it right away gets hurt.

When dealers get flood of inquiry on a particular model, the price goes up whether they close those deals or not as there seems to be a potential demand.


Well, to be fair @Zenek had shared a good deal. Had he not shared it in first place, we never would have chased it.
I was quoted @255/month & $1.5K DAS at the same dealership just 3 days back and thought it was a deal until I had read Zenek’s post.

1 white and 2 black still available in limited trim
$250/m , $250 plus DMV DAS 36/10