AUTOPIA - SOCAL - Kia End of Month Offers - Jan 2019



I’ve put in a request on pricing for the Telluride - I think it’s going to be at MSRP but will let you know if we can do better.


Thank you very much!


Any pricing on a 8 seater sedona?
Thank you.


Telluride numbers are very bad (sell price is 2k above sticker) so just posting since people have asked:

Telluride S v6
MSRP: 37,410
2k due at signing
$475 + tax


2k above sticker. I friggin love it. How long is the waiting line of 550 fico score folks looking to pay for their new “range” look alike. Played with one at the dealer near me. This car is good and will sell well as long as:

  1. People get past the Kia brand stigma
  2. Gas stays below $3 a gallon.
    No car is this segment is that game changing that people should be paying over sticker for it…


Stays below $3 a gallon?! Idk where you’re from, but in SoCal we’re rock steady at $3.50 minimum per gallon.


I get my gas at Costco, been $2.90/gallon lately, Socal OC


national average. SUV/truck sales are somewhat influenced by gas prices.


That’s a bummer on the Telluride, it’s at the top of my list for when my Pilot lease expires in September. Maybe it’ll settle down by then…


$2k above sticker for a Kia. These are interesting times we live in.


It must be that award winning experience people describe having at the Kia dealers.


Have you posted numbers for a 2018 / 2019 Sorrento AWD ( SX or SXL ), incentives and discounts :wink: the 2020’s should be out in summer when Kia does the big sales, but of course I am looking now hopefully in white…