Autopia Honda July 2020!34191&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AHmt314yg8haisU

Please text us at 323-918-5533!

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06/29 sheet updated with EX models

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Updated deals for July!!34194&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AFP8rlPQsLKzXeo

FYI. Spreadsheet link doesn’t work for me.

can you try again with this link!34194&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AFP8rlPQsLKzXeo

Works. Thanks for the quick fix.

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Any manual transmission Accord sport or Civics?

Honda CRV Spreadsheet question:

Can you explain what you mean by $0 DAS = MF 0.00137. Are you saying if you want a zero drive off you need to markup the MF from 0.00127 to 0.00137?

I have only 1 Civic Sport in manual, if you can text us at 323-918-5533 to share details.

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As weird as it may sound, Honda FS bumps up MF 10 points if you pay more than drive offs fees on signing. that note will on sheet will be removed now as it will remain the same MF (0.00127) with a 0 DAS.

Is it possible to roll the $1500 DAS into the 36-month lease, so it’s Zero DAS but monthly payment is higher?

Yes you can, you can use the LH calc link to make it a zero drive off to figure out payment. should be ~$45 more on monthly


are there 36month /10k leases available?

California market 12k min.

Any August updates?

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same deals as July.

For a CRV right now is it $1,000 loyalty, $500 Costco? Is Conquest any better? (We have a 2018 Honda and a 2018 VW in household currently.

its $500 for loyalty and no Costco. Costco was only for Pilot, Odyssey and Ridgeline and program expired last month.

Do you have a link for August?