Automatically lock old post after certain elapsed time

It happens pretty frequently, someone will reply to a thread that’s 6 months old. This catapults that thread to the front page where it more often than not isn’t relevant anymore. Perhaps we should lock threads after they are a certain age? 3 months? 6 months? This way people can still read them but can’t comment. This will prevent old and no longer relevant threads from appearing on the front page.

Meh. I see that happen on technical forums and it sucks when you finally find someone that had the same issue as you and come to find the thread has been locked due to inactivity. I don’t see it add that big of a problem here.


Locking the thread doesn’t affect the scenario you described. The information will still be there for anyone to find and learn from you just can’t comment.

Not when they never updated if they solved their issue.



Ha! I’m in IT so this touches close to home.

Maybe for “Ask the Hackrs” threads…

This would probably do more harm than good

" hey hackrs I had a question about X Post from 3 months ago" It would be a revolving door, with just more doors.


Man already enough censoring here. My opinion is no.


What does it have to do with sensoring? Simple housecleaning.

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Housecleaning to some, censoring to some. My opinion it does not hurt at all if an old topic comes up twice. Within a day will dissappear from the top.

You did not answer the question. How is it censorship when EVERY thread older than X is closed AUTOMATICALLY? Blame the software?
Spammers tend to bring old topics all the time also. Whether to close or not can be up for discussion, of course.

I just voiced my opinion. No point in closing older threads. And i have previously voiced my opinion that we are too quick to close threads. And like my man Ron Paul I stick to my beliefs.

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You said that we have enough censorship, implying that this would be another form of it. I hope you see the difference between mods closing threads, which can be arbitrary, and LH’s software, which is not arbitrary. Unless Michael trained it to recognize certain groups of people and shut them down.

Ok so they get locked automatically on their own or is it a setting you thinking of placing?

No, automatically without anyone’s involvement. A thread hits 6 months (for example) and gets closed. But of course it is a setting/coding in the forum software.
I’m not set on closing them because there may be different situations. That’s why I said maybe only close Ask threads because they probably age faster. At the same token Share deals also age fast.

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Ok i see. I would say the sharing of deals probably makes sense. Ask hackers i would keep them open.

maybe a time limit like years, how about the dude that essentially bumped his thread from 3 years ago :man_facepalming:.

I liked that :grin: Less threads = less clutter!

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Simply put, some posts are still relevant a year later…others aren’t. The dude asking for dealer info 2 years later?..lock it!
The post about the BMW OL code will survive the next apocalypse.

So in conclusion, you can’t have robots do your work all the time.

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Two year old thread just bumped to front page by a pointless comment