Automatically extracting RV data

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I assumed L was his second initial

Can you share this for public edits? I can very easily format and build a quick search function for it to take input make, show drop down of all models for given make, then show RV for selected lease term

Sure, go for it. I think you can edit it now. I don’t have the makes in the sheet yet though. Because of spacing in the pdf it is not easy but I’m working on it.

I just uploaded a new sheet with the years and makes

Wow. Trucks have really good RVs according to Ally…

Also pretty high RV for Jeep Wrangler which is surprising (77% for 36 months). Spreadsheet is sorted by RVs at 36 months.

Doesn’t he work for Edmunds?

Yes, I assume so. But it must be an annoying job.

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What? Never???

Or you are you saying there is a chance?

This is really good great job!! Unsung hero here

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:blush: Really excited to see what other data we can collect together

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so on this info it shows the gmc 3500 hd at 87% RV. How do i find this deal?

You need to find a dealer who works with Ally.

iirc people we’re using the ally data to lease used cars. I believe there was 1 instance where someone got a Jag F-Type for almost $0 since the RV was higher than the selling price. It should be in the history somewhere .

Great work on this! Very useful resource. Now if we could just get the same thing for US Bank…