🔥 AutoLeaseNinjas October Hyundai Deals! KONA EV DEALS - $349 Per Month, $2k Due (All T&Fs Incl) NY/NJ Residents

Go into the LH calc and add 9% - it will calculate the exact drive off and monthly payment!

Same with @grchris for CT

Sure. What’s the next step moving forward? Can you PM me your cell number?

PM sent RE: Kona EV

Deals & Calculators will be updated Sunday night - mostly unchanged!

Kona EV Limited

Updated for April with some absolutely crazy deals.

  • Deep dealer discounts that have largely carried over from last month from
  • We handle the process from start to finish and can deliver from all of our partner dealerships or facilitate pick-up. We serve PA, NJ, NY, CT. DMV Area can pickup in PA.
  • Transparent advertising - We now advertise with NJ taxes & fees included
  • Instant Quotes Available - Our Deal Configurator Automatically Calculates Your Zip Code’s Taxes, DMV Fees, Rates & Residuals (PA, NJ, CT, NY). It also adjusts based on your desired miles per year, rebates and more.
  • We are bonded :white_check_mark: and licensed :scroll:
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  • :fire: $43k Kona EV for $149 Per Month (See Calc Below)
  • $141 Sonatas
  • $166 Kona (Gas)
  • $169 Tucsons
  • $277 Santa Fes


  • $392 Atlas
  • $297 Atlas Cross Sports
  • $239 Tiguans

Links to The Rest :arrow_down:


Kona EV Limited $43,600 Sticker, $149 Per Month, $1799 Total Due for NJ Residents

Kona EV Ultimate $47,100 Sticker, $192 Per Month, $1842 Total Due for NJ Residents

KONA EV LIMITED is sold out - a couple ultimates are still up for grabs

Flash Deal 1 of 1
PM for Details

:electric_plug: 2020 Ioniq EV Limited
$99 Per Month
$2500 Total Due
All Taxes & Fees Included for NJ Customers

Any Tuscan deals for this month??

Any 2021 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD?

If so, numbers on them please …

36 mo/10k mi

Looking for numbers on the Tuscons. The links seem to not be working.


I’m in Long Island, NY, any good deals on ioniq or Kona EV’s , looking for 12k or 15k miles per year

Links should be working now - thanks for the heads up - @Gina try clicking the spreadsheet now!

@vhz103 all sold out of 2020 Kona EVs and No Ioniq’s left for NY residents - One for NJ.

Please add the DAS amount to the title.

Hi, looking for palisade awd limited or calligraphy. 08003 zip

Hi…what is a venue sel prem. looking like?

Hi, I am looking for 2021.5 Atals.

  1. SEL premium with V6
  2. 36/12K or 39/12K
  3. Zipcode 11358.

Thank you.

The website is not working everything says $0.0

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most probably not updated for June

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Correct - working through some back log. Hope to have things updated by tomorrow afternoon