🚨 AutoLeaseNinjas October Audi Deals! Strong Q5e ($475 Per Month) and A6 Deals - $474 Per Month

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October Update: Spreadsheet for Audi deals is updated. Audi deals have largely gotten better month over month. A6 and Q5e deals are both really strong this month

$499 Broker Fee on All

DEALS BELOW :point_down:


Interested in the A% sportback at 315 per month. Is it still available?

Yep! Have them in a couple color combos

stellar deals

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Message me please, Was supposed to sign on one of these tonight.

How much would it be for the A5 prem plus with no msd’s and no money down besides first payment. Also 12k a year.

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Go to the link of the calculator and adjust the numbers as necessary.

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Yep - thats why I posted them! Just remember to add applicable sales tax. If you are ready to move forward just fill out an inquiry form and we’ll discuss further! Thanks

What do the Q7 deals look like with no MSD’s?

As already stated, use the calculator and adjust it to how you want to structure a deal.

Can this be replicated in Richmond, VA? I am interested in the A5 Sportback Premium Plus

Yes, however, you would need to pick it up in NJ.

Probably a dumb question, I have been leasing cars all my life but just found out about brokers a couple days ago. I am located in PA about 20 miles west of Philly, where would the car get picked up and also is it as simple as talking out the details with the broker and then going to sign paper work?

Yep the whole process is super easy - shoot me a PM or fill out an inquiry via our website.

Numbers Updated for March up at the top - Grab the remaining while you can!


Submitted a request for Q5 p+ few days ago. Received no reply.

Will double check that!

looking for a 2020 Audi S4 black 36/10 prestige plus
any incentives on this pm me please

Hello, Im interested in a 2019 Audi S5 deal listed above. If its still available please let me know my lease is about to be up in a few weeks and i am very interested. Thank you!