🚨 AutoLeaseNinjas November SoCal Volvo Deals! Costco is back! $39K S60 T5 $225 Per with Inceptions & MSDs

Deals will be updated tomorrow!


Looking for XC90 T6 Momentum 7S w/ advance pkg and HK in White.

SoCal 92127

Does A-Plan help with those numbers you listed?

Any conquest, or just loyalty?

Nevada resident here. Can I buy from you and pickup in LA?

Yes you most likely could. It depends how the taxes are levied in your state. If it is on the monthly payment (as opposed to total lease cost), it should be pretty seamless. Usually out of state transactions in CA take about 2 weeks start to finish because of various paperwork and funding policies.

Hey, conquest was recently added but only on the XC60 (2021s Only) and yes it can stack with Costco! Hope this helps!

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$39K S60 T5 $245 Per with Inceptions & MSDs

What would the lease on this be assuming 10k miles and 0DAS or MDS


Hey ninja do you have any XC90 Recharges?

With MSDs

Not sure what you mean by this, could you PM me

I am looking to see what it would be with no MSD’s and all fees rolled in

What’s the difference between the “Acquisition fee” and “broker fee”

Either an inquiry (ideally) or a PM.

Acquisition Fee is a fee charged by the finance company (in this case Volvo Financial) for originating a lease. Our broker fee is separate and paid directly to us, rather than how an Acquisition fee is baked into the cost of the lease payment (or paid upfront if not rolled in.)

Thank you for clarification!

are the offers on the S60 still valid?

Yes they are

Hi there! Is there something going on with the inventory for 2021 XC40s? I’ve been checking dealer inventory for the past 2 weeks or so in both NorCal and SoCal and it seems like a lot of dealers are pulling their 21s off their websites, unless they’re really selling that fast? I definitely see more 20s left today than I did last week when it was more even between 20s and 21s. Thanks!

Is this for the 2020 or 2021?


XC60 momentum deal still available?

Yes still available!

Any 2021 T8 Inscription Expression?