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Fantastic broker and incredibly painless to work with - even for a first time user like me. I’ve done several leases in the past, but never via a broker. Never again will I do it without a broker, the difference is night and day.

Ended up saving $86/mo on a CX-5 GT Reserve vs the best deal I could find locally; then only spent 23 minutes in the dealership (yes, I timed it). That includes a 5 min walk-around of our existing vehicle to determine tire+wheel, and another 4 minute conversation w/ Thomas while the dealer waited on me. I could not be happier with this experience and will definitely be a return customer once we’re back in the market.

Result: Came out way ahead of where I’d be if I went alone, and Thomas is a class act to work with so I’m happy to support him as well. Do not hesistate, he’s your guy.


Awesome feedback! Well done man

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Thank you so much for the feedback - It was a pleasure to work with you and I am so glad you had such a positive experience. I look forward to helping you in your next car related endeavor!

I had a wonderful experience with @AutoLeaseNinjas!
This was my first lease, and I spent some time reading material here, test driving a bit and figuring out what I wanted. I then tried my luck at getting a decent deal, and learned that I’d be better served getting someone experienced that knew what they were doing. I contacted a few brokers here at different times during my search and found @AutoLeaseNinjas to be the most approachable and pleasant to correspond with.

Thomas and Anthony were extremely helpful and professional. We had a small issue with the dealer changing the terms in the last minute, and Anthony sorted those issues out and I didn’t need to get involved and do any of the arguing.

I’m very happy with my 2019 Honda Pilot EX-L. I’ll definitely go with ALN again :slight_smile:


Another great experience with Thomas. Picked up a black on black CX-5 Touring today. All paperwork was ready at the dealership and a great price. Will definitely be referring the AutoLeaseNijas.

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Glad I could help you! Pleasure doing business with you!

Thomas with @AutoLeaseNinjas was great to work with. This was my first least and i negotiated with several dealers in a 200 mile radius with me for a Mazda CX-5 sport with the addition of apple car play. I reached out to @AutoLeaseNinjas to see if they could be my best deal and they did. Thomas negotiated the deal and everything was setup. Important to me, when I had second thoughts about going with a truck. Thomas just asked if there was anything he could help me with. He didn’t pressure me or try to convince me to go with the cx-5. That meant a lot to me. I ended up going with the cx-5 and I’m thrilled with the deal. It was so much better walking into the dealership with a deal done and only needing to sign paperwork. Thanks again Thomas at @AutoLeaseNinjas. I highly recommend him for your lease needs.

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Pleasure to work with you!

I just picked up my 2019 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring w/ Prem over the weekend.

I would like to thank @AutoLeaseNinjas for their great service! It was a smooth and easy experience. They were very responsive, professional, and patient. This was my first lease and they were able to answer all of my questions. They helped me find an awesome deal within NY. Although it was still a hour drive, the deal was by the far the best among the quotes I have received from other NE brokers. The pick up experience at the dealership was also quick. Their broker fee was worth every penny! I would definitely recommend ALN to anyone looking for a lease!


So glad to hear everything worked out well!

ALN helped me with a CX-9 lease, one of the deals they’ve posted on LH. All worked well in general and I picked up the car in a few days without any major issues; we like it as our family car. As a constructive criticism, ALN may improve a few things in their communication. I only learned that the quoted DAS doesn’t include DMV fees and that the dealer is out of state (I am from NJ and dealer in PA) after the broker fee was paid. If an LH calculator link was provided I would see the terms more clearly; I was told that for Mazda it it reads a little higher and causes confusion. The dealer in PA was professional and worked efficiently. I still believe brokers may add value, but I would suggest asking more questions and clarify as much as you can before the broker fee is paid so that everyone is on the same page.

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Yep! Usually we use one closer by you, but sometimes it comes down to which dealer in our network needs to move a unit the most. I very much appreciate all the feedback. We constantly strive to be the best we can possibly be and am glad we could save you money!

I had great experience with Thomas for a Mazda CX-5 Touring.
He is very patient and responsible.
He usually answered my text within an hour.
I really recommend him as a dealer. Especially if you don’t know much about renting a car.

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Thank you!

I have been leasing for years, I can not believe that I just found Leasehackr, while I have done pretty well in the past, it required me to do the work. @AutoLeaseNinjas did a great job. I dealt with Thomas and I actually put him to the test. Friday night I finally decided on the actual vehicle that I wanted. Saturday morning I paid his retainer fee ($99) which was not an issue. He then contacted the dealer and let me know that he found the car that I wanted. He quoted me down to the cent. Someone else posted before about the actual DAS, I actually specifically asked to know what was in the DAS to make sure I knew what the deal was. I then paid the remainder of his fee and shortly thereafter he sent me an email that was copied directly to the salesperson that I was going to be dealing with. I filled out the credit app and sent to the dealer. We then got into the car and drove right to the dealer. We picked up our car and could not be happier.

Even adding his fee added to my DAS his price was outstanding! I found that in all other quotes his DAS was much lower than others!

I have ZERO issues with recommending Thomas and @AutoLeaseNinjass

I will no longer be leasing on my own, a simple message to Thomas and let him do the work.

We scored a Volvo XC60 with the Advanced, Premium, and Sound Package!


Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! I am so glad you like it! Such a gorgeous color!

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