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Just closed a deal with Thomas yesterday! Really great experience start to finish. I contacted him last week for the first time to get some numbers on the Touring and Grand Touring CX-5. After some deliberation, I decided on the Grand Touring CX-5 in Soul Red. Thomas was able to find me the car I wanted in, in the color I wanted, the same day that I paid his broker fee. I told him that I really needed to close the deal today and he came through. Unbelievable service! I walked into the dealership and walked out within 30 minutes, keys in hand. Hands down the easiest process I’ve ever gone through for a lease. The deal that I got was also amazing for a Mazda – the dealers don’t tend to negotiate well on these cars. Thank you Thomas and I look forward to working together again sometime. I’m never dealing with dealers on my own again!


Glad I was able to help Anton! Look forward to working with you again. Thanks for the kind words and hope you enjoy the new CX-5!

Very good experience with Thomas. He did something that showed a lot of integrity on his part (I won’t repeat what publicly in the forum) but I had nothing but a great experience working with him. He got me exactly what I wanted, it was a very smooth deal.

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I’m so glad I could find you and your dad cars! I had a tremendously positive experience working with you as well!

Closed a deal last night - was smooth as can be. Amazing deal on a car exactly as advertised on this forum. I had a few complicated issues with my license and documentation but all was taken care of by the time I got to the dealership.

Great car, great deal, smooth process. Exactly what you’d want!

Oh and all this was within 48-72 hours of when I first got in touch!!

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It was a pleasure working with you! So glad we could nail down the the timing. Can’t wait to hear how you like the car! Cheers!

Worked with Thomas on a 2019 CX 9. Price was exactly as advertised. When I got to the dealer, it took maybe 20 minutes to sign paperwork and I was off. No issues and everything was set before I stepped foot into the dealer. Would highly recommend if you want great service along with a great price!

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Thanks Matt for taking the time to write the review! It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you!

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Reviews only. Take questions to PM

Thomas was fantastic! Just got the car over the weekend, and very happy with the deal. Beat the best deal I could negotiate by $26/month and $1,000 less DAS.

He was courteous, answered all questions, texted when appropriate and I was in and out of the dealer in less than 20 minutes. As they said “All deals should be this easy.”

Here’s the deal:

Only negative was the dealer was about an hour+ away, but hey…when you save money, sometimes you have to go the extra Mile. Thanks again!

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Was awesome working with you! It’s a beauty!

The deal : Mazda CX-5 Touring
Price : He works out based on your need.
Service : Great and Trustful Service. If i had a better word then i would have used it.
About the Broker : One word : Gentleman . If you want to work on a car deal and with a gentleman service it is thomas and only him. He had set a benchmark for himself by providing the brokerage service at a very high trustful level and it makes our life easy. Spend less time at dealership finish all your homework beforehand.

If i am taking another vehicle, there is only way it is thomas :slight_smile:


I truly appreciate the kind words and appreciate you taking the time out of your day to write this! Can’t wait to help you with your next lease!

@AutoLeaseNinjas came through in a big way! I had make a trip but hey, I’ll do t again lol. Pleasure to work with and does what he says. Don’t hesitate to use him. Thanks again for my :unicorn:! 302/ 600 out of pocket for a 54k xt5 :blush:


Another happy customer here! Very satisfied with my interaction with @AutoLeaseNinjas for my CX-5 Touring. The price quote (299/299 DAS) was exactly the price at the dealer and was in and out very quickly . I had to drive a little to the dealer, but it was worth it, the deal I got was much better than the prices quoted by dealers around here in north NJ. Even with the broker fee, you still have a much better deal overall.

I will be recommending Thomas to all friends/family looking for a lease! Thanks again!

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So glad I could help!

Enjoy the CX-5!

Awesome broker - was able to help out even in the middle of a move!

Thanks Thomas - will reach out again when there is a need.

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Was very easy working with Thomas. He found an amazing deal on an Audi Q5 p+. Some hiccups when I got to the dealer but Thomas was on the phone right away and got it all sorted out. Also helped me with my trade in at the dealer. Highly recommend using him if you need help with a lease.

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Thank you for the vote of confidence - glad we could smooth things over and work everything out with the trade.