🔥 AutoLeaseNinjas May Mazda Deals! Instant Quotes, LH's #1 Mazda Source! 7%+ Off, Miata, CX-50 Deals! $299 CX9

Any deals for MA buyers? Thanks!

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Unfortunately we don’t do MA deals but can do most other north east states.

Any Miatas? Located in northern NJ

Do you have June numbers?


Do you have any mazda deals left for SoCal? I’m in San Diego looking for a CX-30 or CX-5. Thanks!

Mazda numbers are in, let’s have a great month!

:exclamation: In a market where cars are selling for full MSRP, our discounts are still strong but inventory has gotten VERY tight. I expect this trend to continue until the 2022s arrive (September).
*please fill out your inquiries with more than one color choice so we can best serve you. Top 3 is recommended :exclamation:

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  • We handle the process from start to finish and can deliver from most of our partner dealerships. We serve PA, NJ, NY, CT. DMV Area can pickup in PA.
  • Transparent advertising - We now advertise with NJ taxes & fees included
  • Instant Quotes Available - Our Deal Configurator Automatically Calculates Your Zip Code’s Taxes, DMV Fees, Rates & Residuals (PA, NJ, CT, NY). It also adjusts based on your desired miles per year, rebates and more.
  • We are bonded :white_check_mark: and licensed :scroll:
  • Our Reviews :writing_hand: : AutoLeaseNinjas (Northeast, South Florida, SoCal) Review Page

Links to the rest of Mazda’s and other brands

Feel free to ask any questions on this thread or via PM!

Reminder again to pick more than one color choice so that we can find a car for you!


  • For some models, there are waitlists, most trims of the CX-9s we are reserving inbound cars that are getting in toward the end of the month, but can lock in the discount now, before pricing gets worse.
  • In an inventory crunch, the biggest thing is patience, cars are coming and we will get you a car, the process, for most is taking longer than usual, but we’re doing our best
  • PEOPLE WHO HAVE LEASE RETURNS (of pretty much any brand) will be given PRIORITY (and sometimes special discounts) because of the inventory shortage. This only applies to those people turning in the cars at our partner dealerships. We can often get your disposition fee and damages covered and can pick up your lease return for free!

Would love to lease a CX-30 from you! Running low on time; hope to hear from you soon!

Your calculators don’t work on your excel doc for CX5 touring with preferred

Fixed it - thanks for the heads up. Have a limited amount I can sell each week so if anyone is looking to do lease this month, would strongly recommend doing so within the first 3 weeks of the month

@sonoviva working through the backlog - we will get to you soon!

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Looking for numbers for 2021 Kona night edition 36/15k with 3k das or 2022 Kona ev limited with 36/15 with 3k. Looking for vehicle ASAP. I am also a first responder.

Wondering as well @AutoLeaseNinjas if you offer the kona night edition 36/10k

All 2021 Konas are gone, 2022 EV Limited aren’t out yet. Only 2021 Kona available are EVs

Sent a pm!

Great, thank you! Was hoping to have something in the works very shortly, as my lease is up in a few weeks. No dealer is able to match your prices, so I look very much forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile:

any accord sport 2.0 left?

Trying to help a friend with pricing options you offer. Touring with Preferred CX5 doesn’t work again :frowning:

Is your price available in Ohio? Or is it only for NYC area?

Fixed - and @joshyth1012 only metro nyc - theoretically you could come to pick it up from Ohio, but usually not worth the hassle

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None of Nissan Altima deal configurator links seem working. Would it be due to low inventory?

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