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What do the numbers look like on a Mazda 6 Grand touring reserve? 36/10,000. Thank you

Just shot you a PM - Have a GTR deal posted on the site!

I’ll PM you. We shot you an email, but perhaps you didn’t get it

Hi ALN. Just wondering from your spreadsheet, what the $3000 due at signing includes (assuming these are a $0 DAS lease)?

You can click the calculator links and customize the due at signing amount to your liking. You can do something like 1st payment at signing or you can do $3k at signing like we have it set up - or something in between. It is entirely customizable!

Mazda Came Through Again for April

*Deep dealer discounts that have largely carried over from last month from Leasehackr’s leading Mazda seller. We will beat pretty much anything, hands down. We want all the volume

  • We handle the process from start to finish and can deliver from all of our partner dealerships. We serve PA, NJ, NY, CT. DMV Area can pickup in PA.
  • Transparent advertising - We now advertise with NJ taxes & fees included
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CX-30 Base
$24,575 MSRP
$94 Per Month (Returning Mazda Lease), $127 (Regular Loyalty), $160 (No Loyalty)
Click Link to Customize Deal: https://bit.ly/3bmfXwm

Fantastic CX-5 and CX-9 Pricing Continues

Links to the rest of Mazda’s and rest of CX-9s can be accessed below

Feel free to ask any questions on this thread or via PM!

Hello! First time leaser here… but I really want to get into a Mazda 3 2.5t hatch with a good deal.

I’d be okay putting up to 3k at signing, but I really want 12k miles a year. Term doesn’t matter as much as the mileage. Is it possible to get under 300 a month in one of these or am I dreaming?


Do you ship to Pacific North West?

Unfortunately we don’t ship to PNW but can do pickup or delivery in SoCal, NE or FL regions!

Important Inventory Update - Shortage is Coming

CX-30s supply is strong
CX-5s for the most part is strong
→ Extremely few touring preferred - small price increase coming on that trim
CX-9s are really starting to thin out
→ Sports are very hard to come by
→ This is the month to get them, huge shortage coming in May

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Withdrawing post. thanks


is the infiniti 2020 still available i am very interested!

Any options for someone living in MA? Shipping?

I wanted to know $0 down lease for eTron in 3 weeks time period of NJ resident, please let me know your best offer!

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To answer this so others know - We don’t ship any cars to MA because of their temp plate laws and the difficulty of registering there. Apologies in advance

@AutoLeaseNinjas how long does it take before someone gets in touch after I filled out your application on the links your provided? I filled our an application for a Pilot EX-L yesterday. Thanks

We sent you an email, perhaps it went to your spam or you mistyped it? Please PM me your correct email address and we can re-send!

I got two automated emails from you already and replied to the last one.

Ah looks like we missed that response - thanks for the heads up!