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Just saw them post this ALN's March Florida Domestic Deals! Jeep Orders up to 10.25% off - GMC/CHEVY ORDERS NOW AVAILABLE! - #147 by AutoLeaseNinjas

Located in Orlando, looking for a Kona Electric. Don’t see Hyundai in your spreadsheets but you do show a couple Kona EVs on your website. I’m also willing to wait for a factory order since the Ioniq Electric lease I currently have is not up until November. Would you be able to help?

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Unfortunately we don’t have Kona EVs in FL.

Even with a factory order? Can the same be said for the Kia Niro EV?

Hyundai and Kia you can’t really factory order - you can put priority requests in for specific allocations, etc.

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Hello Everyone!

We would like to introduce our new team member Alberto!

We want to welcome and accommodate our Hispanic community so we brought Alberto on to help and assist any of our client who feel more comfortable speaking Spanish.

At Auto Lease Ninjas, we are a diverse team and love to offer our services to our diverse community.

Please contact Alberto@autoleaseninjas.com for any inquiries or questions.

We would also like to share our new Spanish exclusive thread on our lease deals!


2022 Mazda Miata Club Factory Order Special
Manufacturers are expecting a shortage again in the coming months, get your orders in now!

2022 MX-5 Miata Club - https://bit.ly/3N7QmXY
Inventory Status: Factory Order ONLY (8-12 week ETA)
MSRP: $32,165
Discount: 10%
Term: 36/10k
DAS: $2,999
MSDs: 9
Payment: $399/mo* ($414 w/o Mazda Loyalty)
*Must be Tier 1+ Credit Approval and have Mazda Loyalty


2022 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring - https://bit.ly/3NN7Fyh
Inventory Status: INBOUND ONLY (4-8 week ETA)
MSRP: $47,185
Discount: 5.6%
Term: 36/10k
DAS: $2,999
MSDs: 5
Payment: $479/mo* ($508 w/o Mazda Double Loyalty)
*Must be Tier 1+ Credit Approval and have Mazda Double Loyalty

If you are a Spanish speaker, be sure to check out our new dedicated Spanish thread where we are posting new specials regularly and have a new dedicated rep, Alberto! I will be posting a Hyundai Tucson special shortly on there so keep your eyes peeled!

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz SEL FWD - https://bit.ly/39vR9Uz
Inventory Status: INBOUND ONLY (4-8 week ETA)

MSRP: $32,670
Term: 36/10k
DAS: $2,999
Payment: $549/mo*
*Must be Tier 1+ Credit Approval

Email Jaime@Autoleaseninjas.com to inquire!

Any good CX9 carbon numbers? Willing to onepay or max out MSD. 10k/36 is good.

Mazda webpage is advertising as below. Hoping to get rid of downpayment reququirements with MSRP discount and onepay/MSD


$323 / Month

$323 a month / 24 months
$3,499 due at lease signing.

You forgot the * where is says does not include Tax, Title, Licensing.
Add ~2-3k to that.


Would think that’d still be easy to offset with onepay/MSD and paying invoice or whatever they are doing these days. 10% off msrp plus oneday money factor discount - gotta be pretty close

Mazda has a 1 pay?

The 10% says the Dealer has to contribute the amount, nothing from Mazda.
So that might be a bit of a fight to get.
Looks like the Grand Touring is 68%RV but a real nice low MF so that might be the best to lease.

yeah, I don’t have all of the answers, I guess that’s why I’m asking the broker here. MSD or one pay, makes no matter to me. I’m just looking for a good price.

The Jeep brokers are getting 10% off, no reason I wouldn’t see Mazda dealers can’t step it up for a sale.

thanks for the thoughts on the Grand Touring.

Hi if you send Nick@Autoleaseninjas.com an email with your full name, zip and the details on what you are looking for he can look into these options for you. Generally speaking though, comparing discounts off MSRP between different brands is not really a fair comparison. I was a Mazda sales manager personally for 5 years, while the CX-9 arguably holds the most markup in Mazdas, Mazda is notorious for having small markups and tiny holdbacks. a $40k CX50 has a $900 markup in it from invoice and a holdback of roughly $350-$400. Whereas a 2022 Jeep Wrangler can have upwards of $3k in markup before we get to invoice and any other manufacturer money. You also need to consider the very real supply issues right now, with Mazda this is their lowest production point in the past probably 6+ months, so dealers are feeling a major squeeze on available inventory. This plays a major role in leverage to “Step it up for a sale” when Jeep stores can do these orders as factory orders which mind you is the only way they typically do any of those big discounts you see.


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Technically Mazda has a one pay - reduces mf by .00100

It usually is a PITA to get funded from MFS though, so most dealers don’t like doing them.

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Very different comparison. FCA is giving tons of discounts and is subsidizing a lot of it. Mazda isn’t.

I hit up Nick a few days ago and still haven’t heard anything back? Did he take a Juneteenth vacation?

Hi Nomad! Nick actually is out of office for a personal matter and should be back on by Monday! If it is urgent please email me at Matt@autoleaseninjas.com