AutoLeaseNinjas April Audi Deals! Up to 6% on Orders - Discounts on SOME inbound/in stock units

Jesus that RS deal.

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Somehow still available!

Are you only serving the states listed or would you facilitate a New England deal? State of Maine in particular but can travel to pick up in CT.


As a reminder these are for NE clients only, please fill out an inquiry for a quote or post here for any general questions.

Finally some strong A4 and A6 deals!!

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Looking for a 2021 s5 sportback premium plus any good deal for sept?

How much is A4 premium plus

Updated for Month of March - Absolutely Wild Audi Deals

:point_right: PLEASE PM ME FOR E-Tron DEALS :point_left:

$68K e-Trons from $382 Per Month
$2476 & 10 MSDs (All In For NJ Residents)
Costco Included


  • Add your local sales tax to LH calculator and add $500 to taxed incentives for the point of sale rebate
  • NJ No Sales Tax, No Additional Rebate

All Other Deals :point_down:

As an update - gotten a ton of requests for etrons w convenience plus. Sold the last one this morning. All out for now, will try to get my hands on more but none on the ground right now. Will be responding to all PMs shortly

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Updated for April with some crazy deals while Costco is still here.

  • Deep dealer discounts that have largely carried over from last month. A little tighter on Q3s to reflect shrinking inventory
  • We handle the process from start to finish and can deliver from all of our partner dealerships or facilitate pick-up. We serve PA, NJ, NY, CT. DMV Area can pickup in PA.
  • Transparent advertising - We now advertise with NJ taxes & fees included
  • Instant Quotes Available - Our Deal Configurator Automatically Calculates Your Zip Code’s Taxes, DMV Fees, Rates & Residuals (PA, NJ, CT, NY). It also adjusts based on your desired miles per year, rebates and more.
  • We are bonded :white_check_mark: and licensed :scroll:
  • Our Reviews :writing_hand: : AutoLeaseNinjas (Northeast, South Florida, SoCal) Review Page

April Deals :fire:
9.5% off Q3s
10.6% off Q5s
9.5% off Q7s
10%+ off A4s & A6s

Links to The Calc Links :arrow_down:


eTrons - Limited Supply - Deals to be Updated Later

Any updated deals for May?

Anything this month?

Deals are updated on our site and should be on google sheet too!

Looking for an s6

August Push - Currently Q5s are just about the only car that makes sense to get right now (A4s on a case by case basis too).

Quick Flash :zap: Deal

VERY Strong Discounts (in this market) for Q5s - Best Sitewide

$53K Q5 P+
7% Off MSRP
$529 Per Month
Inceptions + MSDs Due (See Calc)

please PM or email with name, email, miles per year, zip code, Costco (y/n), top 3 color combos, desired options (if any).

any Q5 Sportback P+?

Q5 Sportbacks are close to sticker - not many of them

CONTACT: with zip code, desired miles per year, and trade/lease return info (if connected to one of the below deals)


2022 Audi A3 Premium FWD

  • $37k MSRP
  • 4% off MSRP
  • $499 Per Month
  • $3500 Due + 10 MSDs
  • NJ Taxes & Fees Incl

2022 Audi A4 40 Premium Plus

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.48.26 AM

  • $45.5k MSRP
  • 4% off MSRP
  • $575 Per Month
  • $3971 Due + 10 MSDs
  • NJ Taxes & Fees Incl

2022 Audi Q3 45 S-Line Premium Plus

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.51.12 AM

  • $50k MSRP
  • 4% off MSRP
  • $599 Per Month
  • $4334 Due + 10 MSDs
  • NJ Taxes & Fees Incl
  • Black Optics, Tech Pack, 20" Wheels, & More!

2022 Audi A4 S Line 45 Premium Plus

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.55.53 AM

  • $49k MSRP
  • 4% off MSRP
  • $599 Per Month
  • $4342 Due + 10 MSDs
  • NJ Taxes & Fees Incl

Audi Update Effective till end of month :fire:

4% off any in stock or inbound Q3, Q5s, A3s, A5s, A4s

As far as orders - UP TO 7% OFF

  • Cars
    A3s/A4/A5/A6/A7/A8s - 5% off MSRP + Additional 2% (Employer Dependent)
  • SUVs
    Q3s/Q5s - 5% off MSRP + Additional 2% (Employer Dependent)
    Q7s/Q8s - 3% off MSRP + Additional 2% (Employer Dependent)
  • RS/S Cars
    S Cars (all) - 3% off MSRP + Additional 2% (Employer Dependent)
    RS Cars - $600 off MSRP

Contact: with zip code, miles, lease return info!


Has this been updated to show the order discount? Also out of curiosity can this be stacked with the Audi Club North America discount?

From what i understand, no, its up to the dealer as to whether or not they want to honor the 6% from the affiliate program. Ours are confirmed, actionable dealer discount.