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2024 odyssey touring, no discount listed means msrp?

That is correct.

I see crv sport touring on the list of cars
discount on that model ?

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None sorry.

How do the CRV-Sport L-awd lease? Have a 21 Prius prime lease with some equity. Thanks

Bumping all deals with an extra $500 discount across the board.

$299 fee


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I sent an inquire regarding a pilot touring. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting a quote. Thank you!

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the ridgeline is still cali or is it NE, too? someone mentioned the ridgeline is cali only in a previous email

Northeast only.

can i get lease numbers for the civic sport for nyc?

You would need to kindly submit an inquiry.

Axjoseph03 - Did communication improve? We sent inquiry + fee and are barely receiving responses. No contact from any dealership either and it’s been almost 2 days.

I believe we touched base today. There was no fee received on our end. Once the fee is received the vehicle is reserved and you are subsequently connected to our network dealer.