🐶 AutoCompanion.com Sept Volkswagen Deals East 11% off ID.4s with Buy Rate MF $299 Fee

Also is this “ID4’s” as in multiple standards, or “ID.4 S” as in the trim with the sunroof

MSRP on the calculator is 45600, so probably ID 4 Pro or ID 4 S.


Yeah that’s what I figured I’m interested in the S and just wanted to confirm it as VW chose a terrible naming scheme.


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Pro S RWD Fee submitted. Thank you!

Any deals on the 2024 VW Atlas?

Not at this time.

Any deals on Pro S RWD & blue colors?

How about buyouts? Have a 21 Cross Sport lease and I’d want to get into one of these ID4s

Yes I believe we have some left.

Please send and inquiry and we can assess you trade.