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2% less in finance.

Thanks. So what happens if I pay a down payment of cap cost reduction equal to the delta between the selling price and the residual? Would that effectively eliminate the rent charge? Or am I making a mistake?

Remember there’s still interest on the residual value that you’re ’borrowing’. Think of it like an interest only loan on the residual in addition to the loan for the amount depreciated for which you also pay principle.

Plug it into the calculator and it’ll demonstrate it.

Really? I dont think I ever knew that. I guess in the old leasing times the mf was usually so low that the portion on the residual wasn’t so noticable?

Father is looking for a Murano SV, please reach out with a quote

Required heated seats and roof

Have you submitted an inquiry? If not please do.

Is there a wait on Pathfinder SV or SLs?

We have them in stock. Please fill this out for a quote: AutoCompanion.com/inquire

20223 Nissan Murano SL - 7 INSTOCK.

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18/10 Term is $349 a mont with inceptions due at signing

Looks like you got a mistake there, the number comes from 36-mo on the calculator not 18, but with RV from 18.