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How much is the gls 2023?

You all have to learn how to use the scroll function and read the posts.


Messaged you!

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interested in the cla 250 demo, can you message me details?

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Submitted your form but didn’t list a specific model. Interested in all the loaners of the smaller vehicles. Looking for sub $500 payment, 12k miles a year. 0 driveoffs (or close to)

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interested in the glc 300 4 matic for lease payment 36m/12k and i have a 2019 c300 for loyalty

Please read the damn thread, people! I’m NOT the broker. Respond to @AutoCompanion. This is like the 5th request I get.


Please submit inquires for all quotes.

Maybe this is a sign….

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I’ve heard he pms dealer info for free :astonished:

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Not anymore. Good dealers are gone, the rest - suck lol