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Low $499 Fee
First Come First Serve, MSD Program Available.


Lease Payment Quoted Disclosures:
• Excellent Credit
• Excludes Tax, Tags, & Title Fees


These prices require no loyalty or special incentives that you need to qualify for! One price one discount for all! Hands down best deal in MB in LeaseHckr

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What to Expect:

  1. A majority of broker interactions begin with you as a consumer inquiring about an ad we have displayed.
  2. Upon contact we work together to identify your needs and find a car that is right for you!
  3. We will then run the numbers to structure the deal to your specific situation and actually take the time and walk with you through the calculator calculations.
  4. We then confirm the deal and structure with any number of my dealers.
  5. Lock up the car and then ask for a broker fee.
  6. After the broker fee is paid we will provide you with information including a link to our network dealer’s direct website along with clear instructions on how to proceed.
  7. Once you are approved, the dealer will initiate contact and schedule paperwork and delivery.

We take pride in our work and you are our priority. We strive to be responsive and take inquires almost 24/7.

Refund Policy: In full if pricing is not honored by dealer. (Discount, Money Factor)

Partial Refund (50%) for backing out under any and all circumstances including your credit rating impacting the quoted payment, not qualifying for incentives you claimed within your inquiry submission to us, or a denial of credit from the bank.

Disclosures: Quotes assume Tier 1 Credit, payments will likely increase if credit is not approved at Tier 1. Estimates may slightly vary from as a result of actual tax and registration costs.


Interested in the GLS. Sent you a pm.

Mileage in description says 10k but in calculator to come up to same payment is 12k? Which one is correct?

The miles per year in the calculator is irrelevant, as long as the RV is correct for the term being described

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Clerical error. All residuals are based on 10k which are accurately entered.

I just wanted to make sure the advertised payment matches the miles. The payment at 10k miles is 428

Ignore the listed mileage in the calculator. The rv entered into the calculator is the 10k RV, which means it’s for 10k, as listed. The rv in the calculator is what matters, not the listed mileage.

You need to add the DAS amounts to your titles in all your threads.

he’s gotta fix the calculators as well, they don’t reflect the MSDs or the DAS…
I think having the calculator configured 100% is an absolute imperative for brokers.

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Is this available. I’m interested

Still available? Very interested

How much for 12 or 15K miles and max MSDs?

Same exact looking vehicle! $419 and $430 a month.


2 Available!!! Down to One Now!

1st Payment Covered By Mercedes Benz! Up to $500

2019 Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC with AMG & Night Package, P1, Lighting, more
MSRP: $54,xxx
Monthly Payment: $419 and $430
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1st Month Delta above $500 + TTL
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00052
Residual: 54%
Leasehackr Score: 11

2019 Mercedes Benz GLA250 4MATIC
MSRP: $54,xxx
Monthly Payment: $314
Drive-Off Amount: $ TTL
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00002
Residual: 55%

Fellow Hackers!!!

Insane deal on NEW Cars. We want volume this month! (AMG excluded)

All GLB GLA and A Class Cars 13% off

All GLC cars 15%

All C Class 13%

All E class 15%

Spreadsheet with Calculator Coming This Weekend!!!


Any sick deals on GLE ? Are deals better than last month or worse?

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GLE and GLS have limited supply and as a result can not get as aggressive on those particular models!

That said just got word!

GLE and GLS 10% best deal this month!

No one is discounting these with all the production issues!

Reppin deals for the DMV!

GLC63 :slight_smile: ? 15% off ?

AMG excluded!

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