🐶 AutoCompanion.com Sept Kia Hyundai East - $5000-5500 off Ioniq 5 & 6 - $3500 off EV6

Unless you really need the trunk space or just really like the Ioniq 5, I think Ioniq 6 is a better lease-to-buy.

  • The Ioniq 5 has a pretty high residual. I think it’s too high (73%). The ioniq 6 SEL AWD has a pretty good residual value (64%), so a better buy out option at end of lease
  • The Ioniq 6 also appears to have a lower MF, especially for one-pay. You can do a one-pay on the Ioniq 6 for $6k-$7k depending on where you live, drive it for two years, and if you like it, buy it out for $33.8k. I don’t think you will be able to buy a 350kw/hr EV for that price in two years, at least not wholesale. But if it feels like it’s too much, you just turn it in.
  • From everything I’ve seen and heard, the Ioniq 6 is just the car version of the Ioniq 5, so it drives better. More like a car than an SUV, although I would hardly call the Ioniq 5 an SUV.
  • Broker fee is also like $200 less on the Ioniq 6

I have been trying to reach our to you to close on a car for several days. Can you you please update?

Can you PM us your name?

What are the one pay numbers for the Ioniq 5 RWD limited?

I’m getting a dealer cash of of $3,500 on Ioniq 6 Ltd Rwd in the Auto Companion lease calculator. It says Evolve+ offer ID: 28005616. I wonder if anyone has encountered this and what are the qualifications…

I put in an inquiry with no response either. How do you figure the one pay to be that amount? I’m interested in one if there’s a one pay for ioniq 5

@MrCPA at times our messages are blocked by mobile carriers and our emails are sent to spam.

Send us your name in a message and we will look into it. Additionally as mentioned a number of times above we are extremely back logged as a result of the Hyundai deals.

@axjoseph sent you a message directly to assist.


Evole+ doesnt look like that is something that can be passed on to retail buyers.

I was looking for help from somebody who has access to the exact definition of the incentive. I’ve seen people sharing incentive sheets on this forum before. I understand that this being dealer cash is not going directly to the retail buyer but if dealer qualifies for it might pass some/all of it to the customer.

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Well here we go. This can not be retroactively applied to any deal. The dealer met an objective via pending deals and is not able to offer better pricing.

Ioniq 5 SE AWD - $5,500 off MSRP
Ioniq 6 SEL AWD - $5,500 off MSRP.

Tucson and Santa Cruz - $3,500 off MSRP
Santa Fe - $4,000 off MSRP

14 days funding required post signing on these deals prior to taking delivery.


So, Is the 5000 in addition to discount mentioned in the excel sheet?

What does the following statement mean for a person flying in to pick up the car?

14 days funding required post signing on these deals prior to taking delivery

Pretty sure they’re not paying you to take an Ioniq.


Can this replicated (Ioniq 5) for a FL residence? Willing to travel for pickup.

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Is it another $5000 off? It is confusing.

What’s confusing about “off MSRP”

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Yes sir. You’ll just pay Florida taxes, tag, title etc. They can assist with shipping. Don’t forget the promo code a few posts up in your inquiry if you are looking at a Ioniq 6.

Is this compatible with the free charger/install credit that seems to have launched today?

Very interested in a FL deal (would pick up from the dealer), but it seems like the Hyundai loyalty is what would make this deal for me (unfortunately own a Mazda currently)

That promotion requires a lease or financing through Hyundai financial. Since these leases are thru Hyundai financial the promotion is valid.

If you can get someone who owns a hyundai to be the co-lessee, that would work, otherwise time to find a cheap Hyundai.