🐶 AutoCompanion.com Sept BMW 5 Series 5-7% M340 4% X3 5% X5/X7 3-6% Instock or Orders X5 @ 7.5% off MSRP M440 Vert 2%

Quarter of the way sold out of X5s instock at 7.5% off MSRP.

Get them while they last!



2023 X5M 4% off MSRP
2023 M5 2% off MSRP
2023 X5 7% off MSRP

2022 X7 M50 5% off MSRP
2022 X5M 5% off MSRP

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Instock 330xi

4% off MSRP

2 units available.

Hey any 2023 i4 eDrive40 available?

Orders yes if you are willing to await allocation.

What is the MSRP and Color of the two units?

Please fill this up and we will send you all the details: LeaseCompanion.com/inquire

just filled inquiry form, pls respond back as I am interested

you should have gotten a response by now.

Have one RWD allocation!

I4 RWD allocation at sticker!

2023 incoming M5s and X5Ms at 4% off

All X5 40i orders and instock at 7.5% off MSRP.


Whats the price and color we are looking at

Looking for price on a X4 build, any numbers on those?

It is a modifiable allocation. You can spec it.

Please submit an inquiry.

Going to 7% on both the 2022 units

X5M & X7M50

2022 X5M sold.

We have 2023 models at 4% off MSRP instock.

BMW 330e/530e Allocations @ 4% off MSRP!


2023 X5M 4% off MSRP
2023 M5 4% off MSRP
2023 X5 7% off MSRP

2022 X7 M50 7% off MSRP
2022 X5M 7% off MSRP - SOLD
840GC 6% off MSRP

Can you share a calculator link for the 330e? Zip code is 33138. How much of a wait for these to arrive? Thanks!

Likely 3 months to arrive. I will post the calc links shortly.