🐶 AutoCompanion.com Sep BMW East - i4 - 6%; 330ix - 9%; iX - 9-10%; X5 - 9%; X3 M40i - 6%;X3M/X4M - 7%. $499 fee!

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What residual did BMW give these?

I’d have to go back and check. I only perused the basics earlier today.

What does this shake out to monthly for iX and i5 40?

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If you submit an inquiry, we can send you a calculator link.

I just got the go-ahead for 6% off i5s on the east coast. Either you hate it or you want one! :wink:

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We have an X4M that is very loaded (well north of $90,000) on which we can do 8-9% off.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form at autocompanion.com/inquire. I won’t be posting the build sheet here for obvious reasons.

I am looking for a lease quote in zip code 10009 for a x3 m40i build. could you please help me out

Of course. Please submit an inquiry and we can assist you.

I have one 330ix in stock with premium, parking assistance, and it’s the only one with HK sound at 9% off - $52,000 MSRP. There are some with M sport at 9% off too!

With loyalty:
$585 + tax per month with $2,000 + registration at signing.

With corporate:
$607 + tax per month with $2,050 + registration at signing.

No incentives:
$638 + tax per month with $2,050 + registration at signing.

The M sport ones are similar numbers for this month correct?

Yes, just depending on the exact MSRP.

My Tesla lease runs out in January. Is it too soon for me to inquire about i5 leases at this point?

Hi! It depends on what trim you want and if you want to place a custom order. We’re in October production right now, but some dealerships are sold out, which would push you to November production and pretty much perfect timing.

Feel free to fill out our form at autocompanion.com/inquire, so that I can see what you want in one, where you’re located, etc.

An incoming iX 50 with convenience, DA pro, sport, and ventilated seats just entered inventory! 10% off with base MF, and nation-wide shipping is available from the east coast!

$847 + tax with $2,275 + registration and tax on incentives at signing.

It’s my birthday week (Ashleigh)! :birthday:

If you close a car by the end of the day next Sunday, I’ll drop the fee to $499! Mention my birthday when you fill out our form at autocompanion.com/inquire.

Note: I will not be working on Tuesday on my actual birthday. :slight_smile:

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What’s the 90k x4m lease look like with loyalty, fleet, and msd?

Sorry, that car is long gone. I have another one in the northeast, but it’ll likely be 4-5% off.

Have any X5m demos or 8 series comps demo?

It’ll be a long time before we see an X5M being demoed. They are hard to get as it is.

I just got the go-ahead for in-stock and en route 9% off X5s in the northeast. This is with base MF and the $499 birthday broker fee promo. Remember to mention my birthday when you’re ready to close your deal!

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