🐶 AutoCompanion.com Nov Hyundai California Only - $3000 off Ioniqs - $3,000 off Santa Fe $399 Fee

We have a few left. PM your details and we will look up your inquiry.

I got one of those from them, love the car so far

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Thanks, DM sent

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$4500 of Ioniqs in the East coast.


$3000 off MSRP.

@AutoCompanion Can you confirm on the Conquest rebate of 2500 on 2024 ioniq 5. Is this included in your spreadsheet calculations (I think it may not be)? Which trims are included?

Have to inquire and report back.

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Can be added to our CA offer!

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Thanks for confirming on the conquest rebate on Ioniq 5. I noticed that you also reduced the dealer discount to $3000. It looks like Hyundai was giving more money for dealers to discount and now with conquest, there is less dealer discount. Is that right?

No problem.

Our East Coast dealer is it $5000 off MSRP and our West Coast dealer at $3000 off MSRP

Are the santa fe or tucson phev still available ? I don’t see them in the spreadsheet

Not as this time. Just Santa Fe gas models.

conquest/competitors vehicle discount not available in east coast?

Depends on region.

Got my 2024 Ioniq 5 Limited RWD today through AutoCompanion, went super smoothly and got a better deal than all the rest of the brokers I’ve seen advertising prices around here. Process took about 3 days from initial outreach to signed lease and drive off.

To me it was well worth the $399 fee to be able to confirm the deal with the dealership via email, have them run my credit app remotely, then stroll in pay the DAS and be out of the dealership in under 90 mins.


Could you please send me the deal?

Deal sent, I moved it to PM. Naturally no dealer included, you’ll have to talk to OP about that.

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Can you pm me the deal as well? Thanks

Replied to requests

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Would you be able to pm me the deal as well?