🐶 AutoCompanion.com Nov Audi East Deals - Q4 & Q5 10-11% off MSRP

Now offering.

Q4 e/Q4 e sb - 9%

Q5 -10%

Any SQ8 deals?

We have one or two left. Discounts are minimal.

Pushing end of month for the Audi Q4 and Q5.

Q4: 10% off MSRP
Q5: 11% off MSRP

Looking for a q5 45 or 55 premium + or higher. Chronos grey.

Would be nice if it had a tow hitch as well.

Located in Westchester county NY. Looking for $0 DAS

Happy to help. Please submit an inquiry to get started,

Any 23 A8?

Submitted thanks

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None left.

It would be off lease or finance. Calculators are in our spreadsheet below.

Here are some sample payments on the Q4 and Q5.

Are the Q4s still available?



Any deals coming for the phev q5?

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Will know later today.

AutoCompanion.com December Audi Deals

24 Model Year

A3 -8%
A4 - 7%
A5/S5 sb -7%
A8 - 10%
Q3 - 7%
Q5PHEV -11%
Q5 gas 10%
Q7 - 7%
Q4 e/Q4 e sb - 10%
Q8 e - 8%
E-tron GT -9%