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Is the 2021 Turbo S still available?

Is there any discount on Panamera?

@AutoCompanion i heard the next month Prosche deals will be sweeter than May.
I am looking for a Macan. also open for loaner. Please let me know if you have any available

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Yes, we do have loaners. Please submit an inquiry to get started.


Yes it is.

Nothing instock at this time.

2025 Cayenne pricing is also going up an average of $5000 and the Macan $2500

Does 8% discount work for Cayenne GTS Coupe? Thanks!

No sorry that will be a hot car. Unlikely to get discounts.

Taycan Turbo S
2021 insane build.

$1350 a month with taxes due at signing. No tax NJ.

This is the best build I have seen.

12/15 term.

$1500 fee

Shouldn’t it be no taxes in nj:)

Correct but if you not in Jersey Taxes apply.

Sorry for asking. Does it only apply in NJ? What about FL?

Florida, add 7% tax to the monthly.

Good morning, you were referred by a long time forum member. Are your spreadsheets current, and any chance lease programs will improve in June when the 2025’ start landing at dealerships? Thank you in advance!

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Approx. MSRP for this one?
Also - what are the typical residuals on these deals? Any incentives? Base MF?


The residual on CPOs is very complex.

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Hey looking to see if the Taycan is still available

DO you have a list of the Taycans available? I looked on your website didnt see them.

19.5% and 18% off accordingly.

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What year are those Macans?