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I’m looking for a EQS SUV 4matic, metallic black or green with a light interior. 2 year lease, 7500 miles in Massachusetts. Could you help?

Yes please submit an inquiry.

looking for a c 300 white or black amg with multispoke

zip 11501

None available at this time.

Have a few SL63s at 8-10% off + $10k trunk + $10k conquest.

These are not cheap so don’t expect a sub $1k payment.

Sub 1k for a mercedes V8?!?

Typo sorry.

No worries, I’ll be back in a year when there is a glut of unloved and unwanted SL43s and my EQS lease is up.

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Provide a sample calculator please :blush:

Trust me, if anyone is leasing this car, they ain’t looking at the numbers.

Trust me we are not those guys that why we are here and we need to see the numbers! :joy: or else how would i know how poor iam


This is basically 40k-50k off on a 200k car. And even at that price it will probably sit for a bit. Imagine how bad MB screwed it up!

Please submit inquiries for quotes.

$40k off would be on the high side imo. He’s brokering at 8-10% off as the 63’s don’t sticker for $200k. Regardless, even the free monies & discount these cars are $$$.

They sure are nice though. :heart_eyes:

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Around $2k/mo with upfronts DAS iirc. That was without including a broker fee or shipping, which are kind of irrelevant when discussing this price level.

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any deal on c43?

Do you have any discounted off msrp loaded GLS 580 for a cash deal?

None sorry.

any lease deals on a 2023 Mercedes GLC 300 SUV 4matic? looking for 36 months, 12k miles per year