🐶 AutoCompanion.com June - Volvo East - 2024 S60/XC40/XC60/XC90 - 10% & S60/XC60XC90 Recharge 10% Pre Rebate

Gas model XC60s and XC90s now 10% off MSRP.

can you post a link to calculator for XC60 and XC60 PHEV

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We do not post calc links. Please submit an inquiry for a quote.

All New Gas and PHEV XC60 & XC90 models 10%

We have a few XC60 and XC90 loaners at 12% off MSRP.

Submit an inquiry to get started.

How often is the inventory list updated?

In the market for an XC90 Recharge Ultimate in Blue but no match on your list. However I do see some inventory in DC area…maybe you don’t work with those dealers?

Once every two weeks. Please submit an inquiry for assistance.

13% of XC40 Electrics (in stock) only/


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XC40 Gas: 10% + rebates
C40/XC40 EV: 11% + rebates
XC60 PHEV: 10% + rebates
XC60 Gas: 10% + rebates
XC90 PHEV: 10% + rebates
XC90 Gas: 10% + rebates
XC90 PHEV: 10% + rebates

Affinity or A-Plan can also be added.

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Good morning - the Volvo calculator links do not seem to be working!

Agreed. I sent a request too but no response.

The calculator is down.

I’m interested in an XC90 in Mass, thanks!

Volvo incentives doesn’t seem to be clear for this month, yet! On Volvo’s website when I put in my zipcode, it shows $11,000 lease allowance and $2750 loyalty for XC90 T8 Plus. I haven’t seen that anywhere on the forum everyone says the incentives stayed the same this month. What gives?

They did. Everything is the same.

May be some kind of regional offer (but I didn’t think Volvo did regional offers)or glitch on their website. Here is the screenshot from Volvo’s website.

Incentives are regional.

What’s the $6740 DAS consist of?

2 Volvo XC90 B6 Loaners Available at 13% off MSRP.

Either of them 6 passenger? I sent an inquiry on site and haven’t heard back.

7 passenger.