🐶 AutoCompanion.com June Lexus East Largest Selection! FIRESALE 2023 IS300 IS350 GX460 @ 10% 24 NX350 23 RX @ 8%

Any discount on rx350h prem+?

No sorry not at this time.

RX500H now $2,000 off MSRP.


Do you guys charge shipping fees over and above the brokerage fees?

No but you are responsible for transport if you do not pickup.

Ok, thanks for clarification. Do you guys help guestimate the shipping charge at the time of purchasing process for an end customer to consider the overall cost into account?

are these model still available?

They are.


Lexus RX Firesale

Premium: 8%
Premium Plus: 4%
Luxury: 8%
F Sport: 8%

$499 Fee on these!

Looking for an RX 350 Premium Plus, does it hard to come by more than other trims?

Please submit an inquiry and we will assist.

Memorial Day Pricing Update

2023 Lexus RX350 Gas Models
8% off all trims
9% off F Sports

2024 Lexus NX350 Gas Models

8% off all trims.

Does the memorial day sale on the nx include the 350H

Any deals on a is350 rwd

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Hybrids are excluded at this time.

We only have AWD inventory.

Do you deal with lehigh valley lexus in allentown pa.

No sorry we do not. Our dealers are DC area based.

how much for rx350 base (white color) price for purchase

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We can offer 8% off 2024 models.