🐶 AutoCompanion.com June CDJR 2024 - 14% off GC 4XE Base - Wrangler 4xe - 13.5-14.5% off Hornet EV! $137 a month!

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Happy to assist, please submit an inquiry.

Is the doc updated with these discounts?

I just got a quote from one of your reps Armando that gave me a totally wrong quote, wrong residual value and missing an extra $3000 in incentives, according to the google doc

I feel your frustration. I sent an inquiry 12 days ago and hear from them every 2-3 days with single questions each time. Now their latest is their calculator is down.


how do you stay in business if you never respond to anyone ?


Guys sometimes not all brokers run their business just on leasehackr.com. Give them a chance

I spoke to them earlier this week and help should be on the way soon to clear the backlog.

The spreadsheet shows a different term, 27 months. Click on the term and it will update your residual and payment.

Recommend you reach out for us to explain the rebates.

Thanks for you feedback, we sent you a quote last night.

We receive nearly 200 inquiries daily and try our best. If that is a concern for you we completely understand and ask that you reach out to other vendors.

Have you tried hiring people at all? You’ve been saying you’re behind for months (years?) now. :smile: It seems you would be missing out on opportunities at some point.

Just curious. It certainly isn’t a terrible problem to have!


Thanks for the recommendation.

However at this time we don’t see a need to respond to everyone instantly and ahead of others in the queue. No-one here is entitled to our deals and the critics are usually in no danger of buying anything.


Love the clapback. They’re clearly not hurting for your business and being an asshole to the people who are offering these deals is a really dumb way to get their attention. Don’t like it? Call these dealers yourself

It was a genuine question

I wasn’t trying to throw shade

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I know, it was not meant for you. You and I have spoke a number of times offline. Just a general statement.


Deal are backup.

Hornets: 12-13%
Wrangler 4xe: 12.5%
Grand Cherokee 4xe: 12.5%

Add 1.5% for affiliate.

Please do not message us on LH. We require an inquiry to assist you.


Inquiry sent on a Wrangler 4xe, what’s your Sahara inventory looking like? Slim pickings or plenty to choose from?

Submitted an inquiry

I just tried to submit an inquiry, but it won’t let me…are you holding off right now?

No please just email us instead.