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Discounts remain the same for June

Macan Loaner Calc @ 18.5% off MSRP.

Cayenne Loaner @ 14.5% off MSRP

Is Taycan GTS silver still available?

In this car still available?

It has been sold.

I have been looking for a Taycan Frozen Blue deal like that. Must have missed that one lol

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Is the Cayenne still available?

Yes it is.

Submitted inquiry about Porsche Macan Loaner, just awaiting an email back!

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PM us your name please.

I think I did. Don’t know it it went through, if not, should I submit another inquiry or reply back to the email again?

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8 car Taycan drop coming!

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Sent an email. Interested.

First month DAS + taxes.

$1500 fee

Taycan Turbo $1,174.33
Taycan Turbo $1,174.38
Taycan 4s $1,120.40
Taycan 4s $1,120.35
Taycan 4s $1,120.34
Taycan 4s $1,120.93
Taycan 4s $1,206.30
Taycan Turbo $1,000.29

These are β€˜24 at 12/15k? For NJ DAS is only first month + broker fee?

2020 and 2021s.

12/15 and yes.

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Any turbo s ?

No sorry.


Loaners available.

Cayenne Loaner 15.5%
Macans 16-18.5%

$999+ fee

Any idea on colors? Would like a frozen blue

Any Macan S deals?