🐶 AutoCompanion.com Hyundai East - $4,600 off Ioniqs - Over 80 available

Insane. Got one in stock!


There’s no calculator links for the IONIQ 5 for 24 months

You have to use the 36 month and select 24 months once you pull the programs.

Looking for a deal for Santa Fe or Palisade - where can i see final lease price?

If you kindly submit an inquiry we can quote you on both vehicles.

Hi, We are looking for a leasing deal of Ioniq 5, SE RWD, or SEL RWD, 24 month, 12k/year, 0 down

Please submit an inquiry and we can assist.

Lease cash on Ioniq SEL’s just increased to $14k!!!


Are the calculators updated with the new lease cash offers?

I sent an inquiry but got to confirmation ? Is that normal ?

We usually email you back with a link to our inventory. Please check your spam folder.

Not yet. We will have it updated soon.

Nothing there either
It was for an cx5

in what time frame?

Is this for both 5 and 6 or just to move the glut of 5s the dealers got?

Also, are the 6s leasing so bad this month you guys even removed them from the deal sheet? Though I live out of your market area, I’m always looking for some inspiration on what kind of deal can be had as I’m trying to close on one

Most definitely, much interested in Leasing 2024 Ioniq 5 SEL before end of month. Please send your contact and dealer information to reach out to you. Thank you

Inquiry sent.

Please submit an inquiry to get started.

Communication is brutal so far , I can’t get in touch with anyone with any consistency? What gives ?

Our apologies for failing to meet your expectations. Send us your name and email via a private message and we can look into what transpired.