🐶 AutoCompanion.com Feb. BMW South - FL & Beyond - $4-8k off X3/X5/X7; 10% off iX

Ok… What do you mean by this exactly?

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I’m interested in the M8 Coupe deal. Anything being offered on lease or financing in addition to the sticker discount?

Thank you, I submitted the inquire request

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I’m sorry, but that sold last week! I have M8s in other regions, but not that high of a discount.

We have an in-stock X3 M40i at 8.76% off! Please fill out our form at autocompanion.com/inquire to get the specs on it. This must be contracted by tomorrow.

It’s just $822 + tax per month with $2,200 + registration at signing (36/10 lease).
Subtract $2,000 from incentives if you don’t have corporate or loyalty.

It drops to $780 + tax with MSDs.

Sold, but we have others at similar pricing!

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Unfortunately, the $299 deals are on hold due to a family emergency with our dealer contact. We will update you when we are able to offer these.

Sent an inquiry. Looking for a 2024 X5, x or sdrive (xdrive preferred), msport preferred but not needed. Located in Dallas area. Have loyalty, looking at 36mo with lowest miles. Also can do custom build if the discount is there.

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Does the X3 deal look any better this month?

The 30i is better, but it’s best if you have loyalty.

If this goes through, which models are on the list?

Still to be determined

I am interested in x3 2024 or 23 for Chicago , I never had a BMW and how do I find out if I qualify for corporate discount

You can check here: BMW Group Corporate Sales Program.

I personally would not lease in Chicago due to the extra lease tax.

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I am willing to transport the car to Chicago

It’s not a matter of transport. You pay about 18% in tax on a lease within Chicago.

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Just submitted inquiry for M340i

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@AutoCompanion - I looked at the Google Docs spreadsheet. Are the numbers listed with a $0 down payment?

Good evening our spreadsheet payments are with taxes, fees, and first month upfront. They may also require Loyalty.

@AutoCompanion hello. Can you explain loyalty? I don’t understand this concept.

Is it loyalty to you? Loyalty to the brand?

How does one get loyalty?