🐶 AutoCompanion.com Dec Kia Hyundai East - $4000 off Ioniq 5 & 6 - $3500 off EV6

Asking for friend who has Santa Fe (lease coming to an end soon) in NJ
Looking for 7 seater, either Santa Fe or palisade
36 mo/7.5k

Any specials on the 2024 Hyundai Kona N Line? Dealers just got a ton in inventory

Going to $5k off Ioniqs.


I’m interested but still have not heard back from inquiry from first week of November. Just sent a message.

Hi, question on ioniq6 in the spreadsheet.

It shows msrp of $47k for se rwd 2024 version in the spreadsheet, where I see $42K on their website here. 2024 IONIQ 6 | A Breakthrough Electric Sedan | Hyundai USA

Its possible that your spreadsheet has better config than the striped down version website showing. But how to know what extra features are offered in the spreadsheet?

The reason I am asking is because NJ has state chargeup program where they offer $4k for vehicles costing below $45k in addition to $7500 fed rebate. If the $42k vehicle has $5k off and another $11500 off in rebates and no sales tax in NJ, the lease would be below $150 monthly with everything rolled up.

Am I right or just smoking something in my parent’s basement?

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since their dealer is not in NJ, would the state rebate still apply? i thought it had to be an NJ dealer for that rebate

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And we just used cars.com as MSRP information. It gives you a more accurate idea of vehicle inventory, and associated MSRP‘s.

Very useful info to plan. Appreciate it.

In order to quality for IONIQ 5 fleet (conquest rebate), does the person who will be buying needs to own other company car or is spouse owning other company car under same insurance good enough?

I believe it is household.


Ioniq 5 & 6 - $4,000 off MSRP. Conquest returns for the Ioniq 5 as well.

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Is there any 2023 Ioniq 5 SEL AWD inventory remaining?

With these deals, why wouldnt you grab a '24 limited?

2024 SEL downgraded a few features relative to the 2023 SEL. Can’t step up to the Limited without losing state EV rebate (over the MSRP limit).

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Damn, I just grabbed an Accord lease last week but these 1 pay deals are crazy!