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Hi there,

M3s are still really hard to come by, but we do have some M4s available.

Can you please submit our form at autocompanion.com/inquire?

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Do you still have Ioniq deals??

Yes of course.

Rogue pricing improvements.
$500 doc fee

  • ROGUES S – 8%
    • SV 9%
    • SL 9.5%
    • PLAT 9.5%

You guys work with Indiana? Willing to ship.


Yes we do.

Thanks for the reply. Before I complete the form, am I still able to order a custom M3/M4 to my own spec as I did for my M340i?

Do you you know any brokers that can get discounts on a Cadillac Escalade?

No sorry we do not.

Well here we go. This can not be retroactively applied to any deal. The dealer met an objective via pending deals and is not able to offer better pricing. Thanks

Ioniq 5 SE AWD - $5,500 off MSRP
Ioniq 6 SEL AWD - $5,500 off MSRP.

Tucson and Santa Cruz - $3,500 off MSRP
Santa Fe - $4,000 off MSRP

14 days funding required post signing on these deals prior to taking delivery.

Is MA allowed on these deals? Willing to wait to pickup after it’s registered if needed

Does Kia ownership get you Hyundai loyalty?

No it does not.

No MA.


Is this deal still available …if so I will fill out an inquiry. thanking you in advance

Ioniq 6 SE Std Range RWD

$2,972.22 One Pay
Effective $124.36 monthly.

Not bad deal for a ev

Sold out of RWD models.

Do you have any deals on the Macan GTS in MA?

None at this time.

Well I disagree. Though I have not any vehical from them, but they always respond immediately after sending enquiry. Also the replies from them are professional.

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